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by Jenny Bryde 16. February 2014 00:15

As you are planning your wedding budget, take a moment to think about tipping.  Many of the people who work to bring your wedding vision to life are deserving of a tip.  When it comes to tipping, there are tons of different view points and suggestions.  Below, I've listed four major articles/guides on tipping at a wedding, and all of them have different advice!  What does that tell us?  It means that there is no difinitive answer, and you'll have to determine for yourself what you would like to do for tipping.  

Here are some things you should consider:

1 - Of all the people who are working hard for you on your wedding day, which are owners of their own business and which are hourly employees?  You might consider tipping regardless.  Hourly employees usually see a fraction of the total vendor bill as payment for the day.  Owners are not pocketing all money as they have huge overhead costs such as equipment and insurance to cover.  The woman who owns the salon where I usually go to get my hair done will not accept tips as the owner.  Others might depending on their own circumstances.  

2 - Did anyone go above and beyond?  Tipping is supposed to be a polite way to say thank you to someone, and you would especially want to do that if someone rose to the occasion even when they didn't have to.  We forgot our first dance CD and realized this about 10 minutes before we were supposed to start.  The band we hired jumped on their computer and downloaded the songs we needed from itunes and had them set up and ready to go.  We really appreciated this and tipped the band generously at the end of the night.  

3 - What do your vendor contracts say?  Sometimes a tip is already included in the contract and the price you've paid up front.  For example, our food bill already had the standard 18% gratuity tacked on, so even though the wait staff and everyone did a fabulous job, we did not feel like we needed to do any additional tipping.  

4 - What is normal in your area?  We here in the midwest might opperate totally differently with tipping than compared to say New York or Florida.  Talk to other couples and ask questions to your vendors as you develop your budget so that tipping doesn't catch you off guard.  


The's Wedding Vendor's Tip Cheat Sheet

RealSimple's Guide to Wedding Tipping

Martha Stewarts Article on Tipping Wedding Vendors

Emily Post Guide to Everyday Tipping


Taking time to think about gratuity long before your wedding day will save you some last minute frenzy of tacking on expenses last minute.  Who will you tip?


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