Should We Bring Back Gloves?

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2014 09:17

Looking at any wedding pic from the early days of photography through even the 1970s, it seemed a common thing that brides wore gloves.  A nod to current fashion trends of being appropriately dressed from head to toe perhaps?  Not sure, but somewhere in the 80s this trend sort of died, and now we rarely see bridal gloves.  I'm thinking there might be movement for a comeback though.  Check out these "natchomomma's" styles that are available for today's brides!


Pearl and lace flowers gloves - $37

Lace Steampunk Gloves - $16

French lace gloves - $30

Floral lace gloves - $25

Gatsby inspired bridal glove - $38

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Trend Alert: The Gloved Bride

by Jenny Bryde 25. February 2012 15:18
Hot, hot, hot were/are the birdcage veils in today's weddings, and coming up as the next best thing are veils...for our hands! Lacey, gauzy, gleaming white gloves are coming back in style for brides. Aside from the obvious problem of wearing a wedding band while your hand is covered, bridal gloves are a beautiful and oh so feminine detail to add to your wedding ensemble. Check out these glove-sporting brides...

That last picture was actually of a bridesmaid, but I definitely think a bride could pull the look off! In face, I think it would be absolutely charming to have an entire wedding party outfitted with gloves!


Attire | Jenny Bryde | trends

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