Boring Glass Vases Spruced Up for a New Look!

by Jenny Bryde 5. June 2013 08:26

You've picked the flowers, the napkins, and the linens.  What's going to hold the flowers?  Vases, you say?  I can't tell you how many weddings I've gone to where in the center of the table is a clear glass vase with flowers.  What a great blank slate!  What an opportunity to show of a little bit of your personality.  You can easily add materials around the inside or outside of a vase to make it unique and to make it your own, even if you are renting the glass vases from a rental company!  Here are some examples:


Below some simple glass vases were spruced up with some large foliage leaves.  You could get these at a craft store or even from the hostas in your back yard!


This vase was wrapped in lace with some embellishments added.  Double sided tape would work great to adhere the lace to the glass!


Take any old bottles that you were going to recycle anyway and paint them with some chalkboard paint!  Then take some chalk and write a message to your guests!


This bride didn't even worry about seeing the glass and instead used the glass to hold the flowers while decorating the outside with some cute burlap bags!


This bride didn't use glass at all but rather some charming vintage tins!


For the crafty brides reading this post, take some simple glass vases (store bought, not rented), and swirl some tempra paint inside of them to create amazing modern colored vases!


Take pages from an old book or magazine, and wrap them around your vases for a vintage typeset look!


The sky is the limit when it comes to embellishing your vases.  What else could you do with a vase and a hot glue gun???  Buttons?  Feathers?  Glitter?  The possibilities are endless!  So don't think that you have to settle for an unadorned glass vase.  If you want to add to it, do it!  

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