Some Amazing DIY Projects for you Weekend Wedding Warriors!

by Jenny Bryde 2. July 2011 02:52

Some things you just can't buy.  Some things you can buy if you wanted to take out a second mortgage on your parents' home.  And some things you can simply make.  DIY wedding projects are so much fun because you save a bundle of money while creating something totally you for your wedding.  Projects are also a really great way to include others in your wedding plans.  Maybe your future mother-in-law is crafty with a sewing machine.  Maybe your cousins would love to come over and have pizza as payment for cutting out hundreds of paper flowers. 

Today I'll be featuring three really great DIY projects that you can tackle at home!  These projects come from a website called The Sweetest Occasion which has all kinds of crafty projects for the everyday guy or gal. 

First up we have a ring pillow that is totally stitchable.  They used some striped fabric, but you could use just about any that you love. 

You will need the following supplies: 
one yard of fabric
twill tape or ribbon
sewing machine

Next we have a gorgeous ruffled garland that you could make for any number of uses.  It could be a swag for a chair, banister, or light fixture.  I even think you could pull this off as a belt! 

You will need:

4 yards of fabric
Rotary cutter
Pinking shears
Thread and needle
Sewing machine
Twill tape or ribbon

And finally, DIY paper pinwheels which would be totally fun as decor during a spring or summer wedding or as party favors for the kids. 

You will need:

Paper cut into 6" squares




Straws (optional for handles)

So again, three very easy projects to make some details of your wedding stand out as memorable and unique projects.  Click on the pictures to go to detailed instructions for each project.  Go on, grab a friend, and get crafty! 

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