Three Wedding Themes for your Consideration...

by Jenny Bryde 11. July 2010 02:52

Please bear with me as I grumble through this internet browser has just closed on its own a bunch of different times this morning while I have been in the midst of editing this post...thus I keep losing my work...thus I am getting annoyed with my computer.

But here we go once more...

I had this brilliant opening story about how I used to have to come up with theme days for kids at the camp that I worked at for several years, and the essence of this now lost brilliant story was that if a day didn't have common elements bringing it together, the kids would become bored and disconnected.  The same applies to would not want your guests to be bored or disgruntled, so you need to take a look at all the elements of your wedding and how they will tie together:  the location, invitations, decorations, flowers, cake, attire, etc...

There are MANY wedding themes out there ranging from over the top specific taste (a la circus wedding?) or just a general nod to a feeling or color.  Today, I'm going to feature picture inspiration boards that I made revolving around three very different themes:  Rustic and Woodsy, Modern Streamline, and Romantic Garden.  Take a look how all the elements in each mosaic would tie together and "make sense".  Each piece kind of goes together, and that doesn't mean that everything has to be matchy matchy.  Your theme or look doesn't have to be forced or cheesy...I like to think of our wedding as a design surface where I can develop my ultimate dream place...where would we want to be?  What is most beautiful to us?  For each person it will be different.

I present these inspiration mosaics for your consideration...  :)

First:  Rustic and Woodsy featuring Costello's Old Mill


Next:  Modern and Streamlined featuring The University Club 


And finally, Romantic Garden featuring Lavender Crest Winery 

So which theme appeals to you most?  What other themes do you like?  Beachy?  Great Gatsby?  Breakfast at Tiffany's?  :) 

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