Bridal Shower Games!!

by Jenny Bryde 31. January 2013 01:07

Yes they can be cheesy and embarassing, but games at your bridal shower will probably happen.  They make wonderful ice breakers and certainly take up attention away from you who, if you're like me, always feels funny opening gifts in front of people.



So here are a few of my favorite games:


  • Give everyone a large safety pin with five smaller pins attached to it.  They can each then attach the larger pin somewhere to them or just hold on to it.  The idea for the game is that no one can say the word "bride".  You have to come up with creative ways to get around saying that exact word.  If someone says the word "bride", the first person who says back "mine" (or some other word you come up with), gets the pin.  People will start losing pins left and right, and some people will get really good at trying to get people to say the word.  This game starts at the beginning of the shower once all the pins are out and goes on until the hostess decides to stop the game.  The person with the most pins at that point wins!
  • Ask everyone to make a photo copy (so that the original doesn't get ruined) of their own wedding picture if they have one and get it to the host ahead of time.  The host can then blur out or put a sticker on the faces of the brides and grooms.  The guests can then do a guess the picture game and try to figure out which wedding picture goes with which person.  The guests can record their answers on a form for the hostess to "grade".  The person with the most correct guesses wins!
  • Wedding Family Fued - look up some trivia questions revolving around weddings ahead of time.  Divide the guests into two teams, and let them play the classic game of trivia with steals and all.  Don't forget to say, "Survey Says!"  Lots of fun!
Below are a links with a huge number of other games to play at wedding showers!

So start sifitng through those games and figure out two or three that might work well for your crowd.  Whether you're silly or serious, social or shy, there's a game just for you!



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