DIY Download: Cello Bag Labels!

by Jenny Bryde 29. June 2009 09:29

DIY projects are really great for anyone who is looking to keep their wedding budget in check or for those couples who want to add a personal touch to the elements of their big day.  Depending on the time, money, and know-how for each engaged couple, the wedding can be partially or wholly made up of DIY.  

Some DIY projects seem unreal unless you have specialized knowledge or connections to a specific skill.  For example, I would not suggest to any bride that she create her own wedding dress unless she had some kind of seamstress or tailoring background.  The results could end up being not what she wanted, a waste of time, or a drain on money.  If a bride had made complex garments before, however, and decided to make her own wedding dress, she could save a lot of money and have a customized gown with her own personal flare literally sewn in.  

Other DIY projects are completely user-friendly for most couples (even for those of us who are not Martha Stewarts).  Often couples and perhaps their friends and family may feel comfortable tackling something such as creating fun place cards for their guests to find their seats...maybe white paper bag luminerias...maybe a special favor for their guests to take home as a momento of the day. 

Today's DIY project comes to us from a fantastic website called Flights of Fancy.  It is an adorable DIY favor project that leaves you with vintage-looking cellophane bags for edible favors that leave your guests with a homespun feel...

Click here to see the step-by-step instructions and downloadable pdf files.  If you hunt around on the site, you'll find a lot of other inspirational DIY ideas!

What are some of the DIY projects that you are considering tackling for your wedding?  What are some other projects that you've seen/done that have been huge time/money/sanity savers?  What are some projects that did NOT go so well?  Leave us a comment below or on the forum and let us know! 


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