How to Gather RSVPs Electronically

by Jenny Bryde 6. January 2013 16:15

So on the side, I'm pretty much a techie geeky nerdo-rama.  I love finding cool new ways to solve problems, and it just so happens that a huge problem that we brides and grooms to be find ourselves facing is the collection of RSVP information when we send out our invitations.  We snail mail our beautiful invites, and we wait and wait for the RSVP cards to return.  Once we have them all back, we sort our data.  A pile of those who are coming, a list of those who aren't, a jumble of paper sitting on your desk that can be a logistical nightmare in the end.  How about entrusting our old friend Mr. Internet to take care of the dirty work for us?

Here's one way to do it...

1) Create a free Google account if you don't already have one.  Hint - if you use Gmail, you already have a Google account.  

2) Go to and log in using your Google account username and password.  Your Google Drive is like your hard drive where you can save documents only it's up in the "cloud" aka stored on the internet rather than on your physical computer.  

3) Click on the red "create" button, and choose the "form" option.  On this page, you can design questions in any way you see fit.  You can ask people to enter all kinds of information such as name, number of people coming, meal choice, etc.  You can choose different themes to make it "pretty" up in the top left corner, and when you're all done entering information, you can save your form.  Made a mistake?  No worries, you can come back and edit your form whenever necessary.

4) Back on your Google Drive page, select the form that you just created by checking the box in the lower left hand corner, and then clicking the button that looks like a plus and a person on the top of the page.  This will let you set the sharing options.  

5) Change the sharing option to read that anyone with the link may view the page.  This lets you share the link with anyone that you want who can use the form to enter a response without having to sign in.  Your form won't appear in search engines, so the chances of anyone other that those you give the link to viewing the page is slim.  

6)  Copy and paste the URL into an email or add it to your invite.  Hint - use to create a shorter web address to share.  Once shared with your guests, you can sit back and wait for responses to come in.  The responses will be automatically collected and arranged in a spreadsheet for you to view.  

7)  While viewing the form, select tools from the menu bar, and then select "notification".  You can choose how often you'd like to be notified of any entries made on the form.  Maybe you want to know right away when someone has entered an RSVP, or maybe you want a summary at the end of each day.  

The beauty of this whole ordeal is that the data is collected for you, and you can sort the data and figure out your wedding "logistics" much quicker than if you had to compile this information all on your own.  If you still prefer to send out the physical RSVP card, you could still do a Google form and just enter the data on your own and let the computer still do all the work for your data crunching.  

Need a visual?  Check out this video tutorial...



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