New forever stamps spark our Winter wedding imagination!

by Jenny Bryde 27. November 2010 08:48

Let's take a wee break from our stationery break down posts to talk about a lovely little delight that has hit your local post office.  A new forever stamp collection has come out!  The stamps are beautiful, tasteful, and could TOTALLY be a lovely touch to a winter wedding invitation envelope. 


Heck, you could take these stamps and plan a wedding around them.  I scoured the internet for a bunch of fun winter wedding ideas that the new forever stamps complement...

For your upcoming winter wedding, please consider the following...



Now doesn't that just make your skirt fly up???  Remember - going with a themed wedding doesn't have to be cliched or kitchy.  The idea is to pick something that makes your wedding decor reflect the warmth that you feel towards your significant other, family, and friends.

So what are you waiting for?  Oh yeah, I know.  Dusk so you can go to raid all your neighborhood coniferous trees.  Happy Hunting! 

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