5 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Wedding Favors!

by Jenny Bryde 1. June 2014 00:42

There are a zillion great ways to say thank you to your guests for being a part of your special day.  I've seen anything from custom ordered favors, ice cream sundae bars, or even sending home guests with an extra piece of cake with a thank you note.  The other day a friend planning her wedding stated that she felt like all favors from recent weddings she attended seemed to be very similar and that she wanted to make something for her guests that was unique and beautiful without breaking her wedding budget.  I had some ideas for her, and I'll share them with you!

1.  Bath salts - Search for bath salt recipes, and you'll find that there are lots.  The recipes are simple and made from ingredients that you can buy locally.  Tiny 4 ounce mason jars can be found at grocery stores and hardware stores.  You could easily mix and dispense the bath salts into the jars in an afternoon, finishing off the job with a little thank you tag or a cut of fresh florals. 

2.  A lottery ticket - For a buck a piece plus some cute craft envelopes that can be found at any craft store, you could give this "for richer, for poorer" themed thank you gift.  Imagine the excitement in your reception if a guest scratched their ticket right then and there and won big!  How fun!  


3. Fresh berries - Favors don't have to be something that you create.  Perhaps your favor is a small bag of berries or other local and in season goodie to send guests away with something sweet to eat.  


4. Plants - Succulents or other small plants are inexpensive and easy to grab and go.  Guests with a green thumb will appreciate it, and everyone will remember your special day as they take care of your gift.


5. Candles - Bought or handmade, you can have tiny candles prepared for your guests to take along with a cute little box of matches.  Each time they light the candle in their homes they'll think of your lovely wedding day!

Five projects, all easy, all affordable, all totally doable by YOU.  How will you say thank you to your guests?  


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Simple Tricks To Keep Your Guests Cool and Happy

by Jenny Bryde 11. May 2011 05:05

Finally!  We've broken through the winter/spring rut of groggy days and murky weather to beautiful sunshine and warm temps...REALLY warm temps!  Yesterday, my (non-airconditioned) office thermostat let me know that it was a lovely 87 degrees.  While us summer brides may love the warmth, our guests may have mixed feelings about traveling or sitting outside on a summer day.  And while the day IS in fact for the bride and groom, ya gotta keep those guests happy as well.  Children, pregnant woman, or elderly guests can are more easily affected by extreme temps as well. 

Here are some tips to keep those guests cool and happy...

1) Alert your guests to the fact that your wedding is outside, if that is the case.  Knowing ahead of time that they will be sitting outside in July will give guests a chance to make appropriate outfit choices.

2) Consider portable shelters or air conditioning.  It's amazing how far venue supply rentals have come.  You can rent tents that have misters or even air conditioning units to keep the cool air flowing. 

3) Avoid metal.  Some rental companies offer metal chairs which could burn someone if left out in the sunny weather.  Opt for plastic or wooden chairs if possible.  Heat can easily scorch someone's bare skin or even go through some lighter clothing. 

4) Give out "cool" favors such as sunscreen, blotting papers, handkerchiefs, fans, parasols, or water bottles. 

5) Keep the cool drinks flowing.  Iced beverages taste especially nice on a hot day.

So this is just a start... There are tons of other things that you can do to keep your guests happy!  Remember - happy guests equal great photographs, good groove on the dance floor, and fantastic memories of your wedding day! 

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Weddings Give Opportunity to Give Back!

by Jenny Bryde 18. January 2010 03:57

One can hardly go an hour without thinking of or being reminded of the tragedy and the horrific situation being experienced by most of Haiti's people. Few of us in this country are in a position to solely make a major impact on the situation there, but our individual efforts can definitely make a huge difference. Many opportunities have risen over the last week to make a small financial contribution to the aid efforts, and if you are able to do so, please think about a small (or large) donation.

Many of you have other causes that are near and dear to your hearts as well: animal rescue, disease research, helping at-risk children, the list goes on... The generosity of the human spirit never ceases to inspire and amaze me!

I thought an appropriate wedding related post for today could focus around how your wedding could give back to your community. One option that a wedding couple has is making a donation to a selected cause rather than purchasing favors for their guests. Think about it; the average wedding favor can cost anywhere from $1 to $5 per guest on up. If you have two hundred guests, that's $200-$1000 that could go towards a charitable cause of your choice!

Don't get me wrong; this post is not favor-bashing! I know that there are lots of brides and grooms that are excited to present their guests with specific favors which serve as tokens of thanks for being there on the special day. That too can serve as positive energy in a sometimes-draining world!

But if you are a couple (like us) that hasn't thought of anything in particular to give to your guests, then take a moment to consider a donation in the name of your guests. You could have a sign that indicates your intention to your guests, and they will love that they were part of something amazing!

FYI: One easy way that you can make a $10 donation to the Red Cross relief efforts to Haiti is by texting "HAITI" to 90999. The $10 will show up on your cell phone bill, and your cell phone provider will forward the money to the Red Cross. Every little bit counts...

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