When You Can't Find it in the QCA, try Etsy.com!

by Jenny Bryde 23. January 2010 05:19

In more than a few conversations on the QCWeddings.com forum, I have shared information about one of my favorite websites, Etsy.com. After hearing feedback about how people have had overwhelming good luck on this site, I thought it only fair to share the love with all of our blog readers.

For those of you who have not visited Etsy.com yet, I am so excited for you! I remember the first time that I used the site and discovered all the fantastic opportunities on it! Essentially, Etsy.com is an enormous collection of vendors of all things handmade or vintage who have created stores in which they sell their wares. You can literally find just about anything you can imagine. Vintage yearbook pictures? Felt tooth pillows? All natural dog shampoo? You got it! I'm telling you, folks...think of the oddest item in the world and search for it on Etsy.com. There is someone who sells it or someone who is willing to make it custom for you.

Along with all the "weird" stuff on Etsy.com, you can find anything and everything you would ever need for your wedding. Dresses, candles, decorations, favors, banners, invitations, fans, cake stands, jewelry...I could go on forever. I like to think of it as mecca. Here are just a few items found on Etsy.com that are available for purchase:

Remember that this is a very SMALL sampling of some items I found while looking around. Here are some links in case you're interested in finding out more about the items shown above:

Row 1: Wedding Poster, Wedding Band, Tissue Flower Poms, Lace Garter

Row 2: Dress, Table Runner, Marriage Certificate, Necklace

Row 3: Calligraphy, Veil, Bachelorette Party Invites, Bouquet

Row 4: Bolero, Moss Initial, Wedding Sign, Earrings

Warning! Etsy is addictive! If you do not set a kitchen timer, you will stay on the site for hours and alienate your friends and family and fiance! Have fun!


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