Entertaining AKA Surviving the Tornado

by Jenny Bryde 19. September 2009 04:35

Last night, our families through my fiance and I an engagement party which was held at our house.  We had a great time with delicious food and drinks, and all our guests left happy and full.  We had absolutely beautiful weather for out outdoor soiree as well which was especially significant as yesterday was exactly one year away from our entirely outdoor wedding.  Yes folks, after being engaged for what has seemed like an eternity, we are able to do a year countdown.  Whew!

The party started at 6pm and lasted until about 10pm when everyone agreed that they were thoroughly exhausted.  My fiance and I realized that literally from the moment the party started to the very end, we were completely busy with making sure everyone had the food and drinks that they needed, holding babies, talking to relatives, making sure my fiance's nieces didn't jump into the bonfire, protecting our cat who was completely freaked out by all the activity, and so on.

The night went so quickly, and we didn't even really get to sit down and socialize very much!  Is this what the wedding will be like?  The thought kind of freaked me out until I realized that we would have a small army on our wedding day that will do all the behind the scenes stuff, but even so, simply making sure we talked to everyone at the party was a feat unto itself!  


Those of you who have already tied the knot, did you feel the same way at your wedding?  Were you stuck in the middle of a tornado of activity until the last guest left?  Tell us about it...

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