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by Jenny Bryde 6. May 2010 00:09

There are so many things that I'd like to cover in today's post, and they all kind of connect.  Thus, they are going to be sandwiched together like a delicious whoopie pie.  A whoopie pie?  Did we just take a jump back to grandma's childhood, you might ask? Hold on, folks.  I'll explain...

I've posted recently about how engagement pictures were on our upcoming radar and how I didn't want our pictures to look like we were painfully stiff or awkwardly poised.  We also started making that running list of places in the QCA and themes that you could use to make a really fun engagement shoot.  Lots of you contributed to our list, and I definitely made use of it!  We decided that we would do a picnic themed photo shoot.  I also wanted to incorporate a vintage-esque vibe to it as I love all things vintage.  I scoured the web to find some inspiration pictures that I could show our photographer.  Here are the ones that I sent him:


photo by Adrienne Gunde


photo by Caroline Tran



photo by Sloan Photographers 

Our engagement shoot was set for a Saturday afternoon, and Friday at work I realized that I didn't really have anything to wear.  Seriously...nothing.  I literally only had the clothes on my back.  Okay, not really, but I had a vision of wearing a yellow cardigan in the shoot.  I went to Target thinking surely they will have a yellow cardigan!  And they did!  They also had a million things that we ended up using as props for our photo shoot.  After looking at my bill from running around the store like a mad woman with a cart full of anything blue or yellow and had to do with eating, I wondered if this investment was worth it.  In the end, I decided yes!  We received our photo proofs back last week, and they are lovely!  Stephen and Elaine really loved the props that we brought and helped to arrange them and incorporated them into every picture!  Here are some of my favorites:







All photos are by our amazing photographer: Giraffe Photography


So we really love our pictures! I felt like Stephen and Elaine listened to everything that I rambled on about when I was trying to describe the look that I wanted. They loved our vintage props, and apparently it was providence as Stephen is a big fan of vintage candy. As a tiny token of our thanks, we sent Stephen home with the lemon drops and Elaine got her paws on the whoopie pies!

The other key element of this blog post is that I wanted to point out that we have the copyrights to our images. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! When you book your photographer, you will want to make sure that you can eventually have the copyrights to your photos. In this age when we all like to post our pictures on our social networking sites and make copies for cheapy cheap, you will be stopped dead in your tracks if you don't have the copyrights to the high resolution images. On top of that, what would happen if there was a devastating fire and your wedding album was gone forever? If you have the images, you can have replacements made even if it's 20 years down the road. GET THE COPYRIGHTS! So important...

Some photographers build this service into their standard photography package while others will charge you an additional fee. Either way, the investment will literally pay for itself as ordering prints directly from your photographer can really add up if it is an a la carte service. I'm talking $25 for a 4x6. Think about how quickly this can add up when you have even just ten relatives that you'd like to send a picture.

So I hope you've enjoyed our pictures! I'd love to see other couple's pictures posted in the message board! Tell us about your photo shoot experiences!

CORRECTION:  Donna Blundel, Boss Lady and Photographer Extraordinaire pointed out that....

"Actually this is a key mis-conception about Copyright.  Copyright only belongs to the artist/creator.  It is there to protect the artist.  What is granted to the photographed is Print Rights.  It gives you full control over the images for personal use.  If you want to publish your images in a magazine or sell them for stock use……. You need a commercial release from the photographer.  In cases where copyright  is given with commercial images.  Each images goes for a very high fee, and the photographer relinquishes his rights for thousands."  

Thank you, Donna!  With all the legal craziness in our country, it is very important to get the wording down correctly, so get the PRINT RIGHTS from your photographer if at all possible, and you will be set for making copies for yourself, your friends, and your family!  :)

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Quad City Area Engagement Photo Shoot Locations

by Jenny Bryde 27. March 2010 08:43

Our lives are all about The To-Do Lists.  I have sticky notes, emails to myself, a bulging day planner, and a crack-berry, and while all these contraptions were designed to make life more organized and thus easier, I find that it makes my head spin eventually. 

On today's to-do list are two things.  The first job is to sand, prime, and paint all the trim in our house.  I am marrying into a very handy family.  My fiance can fix just about anything, and with the help of his mom and dad, they completely flipped the house that we currently live in from a shack o' disgusting shambles to a charming craftsman that we are proud to call home.  I'd like to say that I am handy too, though that would be a lie.  I'm really good at cleaning up after jobs, and if someone gives me a task that doesn't include the possibility of cutting my fingers off, I'm a good sport.  I tend to get bored, however, and sneak away when no one is looking.  Just ten minutes ago, I was cleaning the windows up after my fiance had come by with his sander, when he mentioned that I may want to wait to clean until all the dust had settled.  He started to tell me about other odd jobs that I could do in the meantime, when I pulled a road-runner and PING I was gone.  Now I am hiding in the bedroom typing this blog post.  :)  

The second agenda item on today's to-do list is to figure out where we want our engagement pictures to be taken.  We are kind of late on getting this whole ball rolling as we are getting married in September and have been engaged since August of 2008, but I want our engagement pictures back in time to incorporate into our wedding website and at the actual wedding.  Our photographer is Stephen from Giraffe Photography who is amazing not only in his craft but also in his creativity.  He's really fun and super flexible, and I know that our wedding and engagement photography is going to be off the hook!  

The good thing about having a flexible photographer is that they are totally open to ideas for things to do in pictures and where to take said pictures.  I told Stephen that we are pretty open to locations and whatever, but he and I have already talked about how cliche  pictures make me gag.  (They make Stephen gag, too!)  

The last thing I want is a picture with my hand on my fiance's chest and my head leaning in to him.  Here are just a spackling of the millions of pictures of engaged couples that I found on a Google search:



Do you see what I mean?  Girl's hand on chest to (artfully?) show of the engagement ring, head tilted, awkward smiles fixed.  No thank you.  I blurred out their poor, unfortunate heads as I mean no disrespect to the gazillions of people who have this shot in their wedding photography repertoire.  It's just that there are so many other options out there!  I rest my case. 

The REAL purpose of today's post is not to bash (classic?) photography, but rather to start a list of cool places that all of us engaged people can go to have our pictures taken.  I'm going to start the list, but if anyone wants to chime in on the message board, I'll add your ideas here and give you smarty-farties credit!

Quad City Places (in no particular order):


  • The Botanical Center
  • The Figge Museum
  • Vandaveer Rose Gardens, Ponds, Greenhouse
  • The Putnam
  • Niabi Zoo
  • Brady Street Stadium
  • on the Riverfront
  • Benbutterworth Parkway
  • Lagomarcino's
  • The Grand Stand
  • Modern Woodmen Park
  • on one of the bridges
  • at one of the golf courses
  • at one of our locally owned restaurants
  • at the Mississippi Valley Fair
  • at the Air Show
  • on the John Deere Commons
  • in a downtown abandoned building or old hotel (if you can sneak in)
  • at Scott County Park
  • at the iWireless Center
  • at one of our casinos 
  • at the Quad City Downs
  • on one of our riverboats
  • on the Wapsi River
  • John Deere Headquarters - submitted by hz80408 
  • District of Rock Island - submitted by srtrist
General Places:
  • a school
  • a library
  • on a rooftop
  • at a grocery store
  • in a boxing ring
  • in a corn field
  • at a farmer's market
  • at a movie theater
  • at the place where you went on your first date
  • at a radio/tv station
  • at a park
  • at a pool
  • in an antiques shop
  • at a picnic
  • at a pet store
  • at a bowling alley
  • playing pool
  • in a hot air balloon 
Look at these amazing ideas submitted on the message board by Donna from Studio D!  So many great ideas!!
  • Play air guitar
  • Pretend you are Lady GaGa
  • Be Marilyn Monroe
  • Be Brad Pitt
  • Laugh
  • Tickle
  • Whisper naughty things in your partner's ear
  • Have a watergun fight
  • Play with sidewalk chalk 
  • Silly String
  • Fly a Kite
  • Run a race
  • Play basketball
  • Play pool
  • go swimming
  • go rent costumes from Costumes By Patti Jo
  • Farmer's market
  • Street Photography
  • Share a drink with 2 straws
  • Bubbles........ fun stuff you can find at WalMarts
  • Have face painting done
  • Do some boy/girl romantic adult photography in the woods or in a hotel
  • Into gymnastics?
  • Love to read? Barnes and Noble might let you in if you are super respectful.....if not try Borders!!
Okay, that should get us started.  Remember, leave a comment on my blog post announcement on the message board, and I will add it to this list and tell the world that you came up with that brilliant idea!  

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