Embroidered Wedding Gowns

by Jenny Bryde 8. September 2014 00:36

You may hve seen the pictures of Angelina Jolie's wedding gown that has splashed the front pages of many major publications this last week.  Her gown is a classic wedding cut and shape, nothing over the top.  Upon closer inspection, you can see that there are embroidered pictures adorning the train and veil.  These are in fact drawings from all of her children which she had incorporated into the detail work for her dress.  My gut reaction - what an adorable way to both personalize her dress and to involve her children in the wedding process.  I think it's wonderful!  The dress has received some criticism from certain corners since this dress does NOT fit the cookie cutter design of what is acceptable for grace and elegance, but HELLO!  It's Angelina Jolie.  She can and will wear whatever she wants.  Her dress receives enthusiastic thumbs up from everyone at QCWeddings.com.

What about other more demure embroidered details for wedding dresses?  I love embroidery.  It's so timeless, and a good embroidery job speaks of craftsmanship.  You can incorporate your wedding colors, a family emblem, a favorite flower, etc.  Whether your dress comes fitted with embroidery work or if you go looking for a seamstress to add some details after the fact, you are free to think of your wedding gown as a starting point.  As a blank canvas.  

Here are a few examples of some lovely emboidery that I hope speaks to the masses.  




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