Fabulous Dress Options for the Mother of the Bride!

by Jenny Bryde 28. July 2014 03:06

The bride is the star of the show, of course, but along with the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride's attire will also be checked out.  Think of a daughter's wedding as an unofficial red carpet event with the guests being your paparazzi.  No pressure, of course!  There are wonderful options for mothers of the bride including anything from a full length formal gown to a tailored pant suit.  What the moms will want to do is consult with the bride.  What level of formality should the attire reflect?  What colors might the bride like to see on the family so that the formal pictures look cohesive?  Generally speaking, the mother of the groom will be waiting to hear what the mother of the bride is wearing so that she can pick a non-conflicting outfit.  

So let's get to it!  Today I'd like to feature a number of dresses that would look amazing and beautiful on the mother of the brides.  All of the dresses I picked for today's showcase are knee length dresses, and soon we will feature some other lengths and even more styles.  All of these dresses are available in multiple colors and can be found by clicking on the pictures to go directly to the purchasing site.  


Option 1: Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress - $238



Option 2: Cap Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress - $118


Option 3: Lace Sheath Dress - $228


Option 4: Lace and Faille Dress - $148


Option 5: Metallic Jacquard Jacket and Dress - $188

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Simple vs. Ornate: What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

by Jenny Bryde 9. June 2014 00:47

Clean classic lines?  Or feathers, beads, and ruffles?  Your wedding dress is a big decision as it should be flattering to the bride while reflecting her tasts while at the same time setting the tone for the entire wedding.  Is this a formal wedding?  A fun wedding?  A relaxed wedding?  Today I'm featuring five simple and five ornate dresses.  Which set do you prefer?

Here are the simple dresses:

Beautiful chifon sleeves and a simple train:

Sheer fabric and low key ruffles:

Clean lines and minimal bling:

Lightweight fabric and a streamlined silhouette:

A classic tailored look with some simple embellishments:


And now for some ornate dresses:


A mesh back with ornate crystal beadwork:

Enough tulle to make this bride appear to be sitting on a cloud:


A deconstructed look pulled off beautifully:

Feathers, beads, and ruffles galore:

A million layers of ruffles offset the mermaid silhouette:

So what do you think?  Are you a more demure and simple bride?  Or do you have a penchant for something...more?

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Deal Alert - $99 Wedding Dress!

by Jenny Bryde 1. April 2014 01:07

According to a recent poll, the average wedding dress cost is right around $1200.  Eeks!  It’s nice to find a bargain, so when a $99 wedding dress comes across my path, I just have to share.  Check out H&M’s new $99 wedding dress which will be released soon for purchasing.  Simple and tasteful, this silhouette could be rocked by many brides.  What do you think? 



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Trend Alert - Showing Some Skin!

by Jenny Bryde 11. December 2013 01:05

How do we feel about a blushing bride being not so bashful?  Lately I've been noticing a lot more skin peeping through all the yards of bridal fabric.  Even though it's pretty cold outside right now, these brides are not afraid to show off what they've got.  While on first encounter, someone might think of "see through dress" as not so great an idea for a bride, but check out these tasteful dresses that leave a little less to the imagination.



Tres jolie, non?  

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Bridesmaid Dresses from Non-Bridal Shops

by Jenny Bryde 8. June 2013 16:08

Who says you have to play by the rules?  Rules are made to be broken, and today I am breaking the rule that you must have your bridesmaids purchase dresses from a bridal shop.  You can if you'd like as there are many wonderful dresses to be found, but if you don't find what you're looking for, never fear.  Many non-bridal dress retailers have fabulous choices for bridesmaids to don!  Coincedentally, I think these would also be awesome picks for a rehearsal dinner dress for any bride!  


Here are a few of my current faves:

From Jcrew.com, the Blakely Dress:  

From Jcrew.com, the Carmela dress:  

From Jcrew.com, the Mirabelle Dress:  

From Anthropologie.com, the Lace Yoke Dress:  

From Anthropologie.com, the Peach Blossom Dress:

From Anthropologie.com, the Sophie Dress:  

From VictoriasSecret.com, the Colorblock V-neck Dress:  

From VictoriasSecret.com, the Eyelet Flare Shirtdress:  

From VictoriasSecret.com, the Belted Drape Dress:  

These dresses range from the under $100 range to the $300 dollar range, and each of the names of the dresses is linked back to the sale page, so get clicking and have fun shopping!

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