Architectural Wedding Inspiration from Downtown Davenport

by Jenny Bryde 19. June 2012 09:51

Just this morning I was driving through downtown Davenport, and I looked around and thought wow, what has been going on around here??  So much has changed since the downtown Davenport of my childhood where people didn't seem to come down town for fear of muggings.  Now, the streets are alive and vibrant, and of course that gets my wedding planning going in my head.  What a wonderful place for amazing parties and even better photo opportunities!  If I were to plan a downtown Davenport wedding, here are some elements that I'd incorporate...


Source: via Jen on Pinterest

I love the industrial chic look matched with the softness of a wedding celebration! I could imagine a wedding like this at the Figge, at the Hotel Blackhawk, in the River Center, at Duck City, oh my I could go on for quite a while...

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