Destination Weddings - a Cost Saver?

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2014 00:51

Are you considering a destination wedding?  For various reasons, couples start to ponder a far off wedding, perhaps in a remote mountain location or in a tropical getaway.  

Be forewarned, couples, that a destination wedding does not equal a reduced wedding budget.  A recent study found that the cost of a destination wedding only cost the couple about $3000 less than a traditional wedding while at the same time asking your guests to shell out hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars to participate. 

Generally speaking, your guests will pay for their own transporation, hotel accomodations, and food/drink costs beyond your reception and not to mention what they'd like to spend on your wedding gift.  This could essentially cost them as much as what they would plan to spend on a vacation.  To some guests, your destination will feel like a vacation, and this won't be an issue.  To other guests, these costs are a deal breaker and mean that they cannot attend.  This cost for guests can also cause friction as some family members will be able to afford this investment while others won't.  

In the end, going with a destination wedding will most likely mean a smaller wedding, but maybe that's what a couple has in mind anyways.  Maybe a couple can budget to pay for a portion of their guests' expenses, making it easier for guests to make it to the event.  Shopping around for a deal will also help.  In a get away destination, there will be mulptiple resorts that offer wedding packages.

Just some food for thought for the non-traditional wedding planners!




Jenny Bryde

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