Get Your Gourd On: Fall Wedding Decor

by Jenny Bryde 28. September 2015 01:28

Let's face it.  A gourd on it's own is nothing special.  Even ugly, perhaps.  But there's something to be said for a group of mismatched or a number of repeating objects, gourds included.  With the season of harvest upon us, using gourds as a wedding decor theme really conveys the idea that your wedding is a celebration of family and of good things happening.  I don't even think that I'll have to convince you much beyond just showing you some great ideas.  Cheap at fall markets and at the store, gourds are easy to use, durable, and inexpensive decor items.  Check out these great gourd ideas! 


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Leafing You Breathless: Fall Leaf Wedding Decor

by Jenny Bryde 28. September 2015 01:13

I saw it!  Just yesterday!  Along with the blood moon, I saw my first twnge of color on the tree in my front yard.  Fall has arrived, and soon all the leaves will follow.  The abundance of leaves that will soon be on the ground will open an opportunity for anyone who is incorporating fall leaves into their decor.  Are you a maybe on this?  I wanted to post a number of leaf project ideas for you to consider.  With the free leaves that you can acquire simply by volunteering to help with raking, you could make some beautiful centerpieces, place cards, aisle runners, alter decors, etc, all on the cheap!  Check these ideas out:


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Decor | Jenny Bryde

Featured Weddingscape - Woodland

by Jenny Bryde 4. July 2015 15:32

Thinking of having your wedding in a certain location?  I'm going to be featuring a series of posts dedicated to various settings that all work wonderfully for a wedding day backdrop.  I'm going to start with a woodsy mountain type setting.  For your consideration...



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Garlands of Every Shape and Size!

by Jenny Bryde 7. June 2015 16:28

Need a swag? A centerpiece? An alter?  Garlands of every kind and style are gracing our weddings lately and for good reason.  There are no rules.  You can't mess this one up.  Whether your garland is simple and modern or lush and romantic, it works.  You can use just about any material, and the beauty of it all comes from the repetition of shapes and textures.  Check these out!


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Decor | Jenny Bryde

Wrap Like a Boss!

by Jenny Bryde 21. December 2013 01:47

Today my mission is to wrap approximately 1,206,999 Christmas presents.  Yesterday, I realized that I had no gift wrapping supplies, and so I went to the store to buy one roll of wrapping paper.  I came home with multiple rolls, fabric, ribbons, cards, trimmings, feathers, and ornaments.  What the heck?  Let's jazz up those presents!  Receiving a prettily presented present is a lot of fun, so I went on a mission this morning to find examples to share with you all.  If you are getting married, you are going to be giving and receiving a lot of gifts.  Look how these folks jazzed up that whole process!


This set of tiered gifts is wrapped in layers of tissue paper that has been cut into ruffles!  


Who said you couldn't tie on something unexpected - a flower, mistletoe perhaps?


I love the way these traditional ribbons are tied!  I'm going to try this today!


This gift giver took some brown paper shopping bags and embellished them with some glittery stickers and washi tape!


Nothing is easier than making a paper flower, and this solves the problem of what to do with the one piece of leftover tissue paper!


For those with a green glint in their eyes, have you considered reusable cloth wraps in lieu of paper?  They are so pretty!

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Gifts | Jenny Bryde

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