Ballroom Dancing 101

by Jenny Bryde 1. July 2013 03:16

Do you have visions of you and your new spouse doing an amazing first dance a la Dancing with the Stars?  

This trend is getting hot, hot, HOT, and the good news is there are resources to help you get your groove on!  Are you a lessons kind of couple where you'd like to go and have a professional teach you step by step?  There are quite a few great dance companies locally who can help you make this happen.  Our favorite at is Addicted to Ballroom!  Check them out!!

Are you more of a DIY kind of couple where you'd rather learn steps from the comfort and privacy of your own home?  Here are a few charts to get you started.  






Here is another great sites with videos and descriptions of tons of different dance moves -

So get out your dancing shoes whether they are flip flops or spiked heels and get moving!  

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Not Your Average Ceremony

by Jenny Bryde 24. July 2009 02:50

If you haven't seen this amazing wedding video yet, you are missing out!  Watch this, and just try not to get up and dance.  Just try...

Are any of you Quad City couples planning on a special dance at the ceremony or reception?  We'd love to hear about it!  

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