Beautiful Script Fonts for Free!

by Jenny Bryde 5. December 2011 04:07

Most couples will think ahead a time about how they are going to have their invitations designed and printed, but when the wedding date looms closer, couples often realize that they need to whip together additional stationery elements such as a program, menu, table numbers, etc.  Once panic has set in, couples will head to their trusty word-processor program and look through their standard offerings of fonts.  This is why you see an overabundance of wedding stationery elements that all look the SAME.  If you are looking to create something a little more unique and you, why not check out what the web has to offer for fonts?  There are GAZILLIONS of them.  Okay, maybe not that many, but more than you'd think.  There are many sites where you can purchase fonts and others where you can even download them for free.

My all-time favorite free font website is where you will find hundreds and hundreds of fonts that are easy to download and use right in your word processor program.  The fonts on this site are all free unless you plan to use what you create to sell to someone else.  (If that's the case, you can contact the author of the font and request permission or ask them if you could give them a donation in exchange for permission to use.)

When looking at wedding stationery, by far the most common type of font would be the curly swirly elegant fonts.  For your consideration today, I've whipped together some of my favorite fancy fonts that were downloaded (again for FREE) from  Check them out, and if you fall in love with one, head over to the site to download it today!


Note - See the line that just says "tttttt"?  LOL Not sure why, but my file won't save it correctly...  The script is called "Old Script", and it is very elegant, so check it out along with all of these others and more!  Remember, these are just a few of my favorite script fonts.  There are tons and tons of fonts to fit every occasion and personality, so have fun and embrase your inner font-nerd!

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