Customized Postage Stamps!

by Jenny Bryde 17. March 2010 01:20

Do you ever find that planning a wedding has thrown your senses to the wind? Come on...I know I'm not alone here... Anyone? Anyone?

I ask you...what is wrong with a perfectly good envelope with a standard stamp on it?  Probably nothing, right?  Take this little number below.  It's sensible.  It has the proper information.  The stamp is legitimate and ready to be processed.  I could live with this envelope and it's Miss Manners-esque stamp...

image via


I am lately finding myself looking through stationery porn and finding images such as these below:



image by Bella Figura via Oh So Beautiful Paper


image by Primele via Oh So Beautiful Paper


image by Betsy Dunalp via Oh So Beautiful Paper

These pictures make me think of times when getting the mail was fun because you might have a special note from someone rather than "Dear Valued Customer" envelopes.  They make me think of really special occasions that warrant such beautiful ephemera such as...........a wedding!  I know that caution has been thrown to the wind as far as expenditures when you look at a wedding.  So why shouldn't your stamps be throw in with the mix?  

You can hunt around for vintage or unique stamps to make your envelopes look like these, or you can even have custom ones made! specializes in custom paper goods including postage stamps.  Take a look at a sample that I came up with that has my avatar picture on it:

Now, I don't know that I want a bunch of stamps with my picture on it, but you get the gist.  You can upload any picture or image for your stamp, and Zazzle will put it together for you.  Flowers, monograms, states, food...the sky's the limit!

If you care to indulge, your stamps will cost you about twice as much as they regularly would so be sure to add that in to your budget calculations.  But darn it!  Your envelopes will have style!!

So what do you think?  Is custom postage in your future?  




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