Black Friday is for Weddings...not Christmas?

by Jenny Bryde 27. November 2009 04:51

My father and I have this standing date for 3am coffee and game plan huddle on Black Fridays.  We usually scour the ads in our post-Thanksgiving meal comas and decide the night before who's getting what and how we're going to get it.  The nice thing is that we usually don't have a specific need to get any certain item, so if a store looks scary (ahem...ahem...Kohl's), we laugh and point at the people in line and then continue on our merry little way...

With Black Friday shopping, one usually makes sacrifices in sleep and personal bubble space in order to find that special gift for loved ones at a whopper of a deal.  This year, well folks, this year, I sacrificed my sleep and my personal space in order to get something...for me.  :)  

This is what I bought...

You may be thinking, what the hell is it?  A printer?  It is a Cricut Expression.  While usually retailing for around $450, Walmart had these babies on sale this morning for $188.  Yippee!!!

You may have heard of this coveted craft machine during a lovely infomercial that airs around 4am on HGTV.  Maybe not.  Basically this is your really cool die-cutting machine which means it will cut out anything in any size in any number for you.  I plan on using it for all things DIY paper related including some really cool upcoming wedding craft projects.  More on that to follow...

The issue lies in that I've never used one or even seen on in real life, and I'm not sure where to start.  Probably the manual, right?  

Have any of you QCA bride or grooms used a Cricut?  What about other essential crafting gadgets?  Leave a comment below, and tell me about your favorite gadget or experience using the Cricut!

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