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by Jenny Bryde 22. August 2009 03:22

All of us have different work situations.  Some of us work in huge offices with many people, others in small groups, some even from a home office.  Some of us truely enjoy our coworkers, and others consider them to be mere aquaintences.  

Where do you draw the line when deciding to invite coworkers?  This has really been something with which I have struggled.

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I work with a staff of about 65 people.  The vast majority are married, and most have children as well.  I have worked on committees and projects with many of them and consider them people that I truely enjoy.  I rarely hang out with any of them outside of work.  They love to ask questions about my wedding planning and love to offer advice about various aspects.  

Our guest list is going to be capped at about 120 people.  At this point, that does not include coworkers.  I made a mental note just now, and if I were to add co-workers to the mix, there would be about 15 people (plus spouses) that would be added to our guest list.  

So do I do it?  Do I take the plunge and invite the 30+ coworker related people?  Do I invite them only to the after dinner portion of the wedding?  Do I just make it known that our wedding will be smaller and that I won't be able to invite anyone but family and close friends?

What do you think, ladies and gents?  I'd love some advice here and to hear about how others have dealt with inviting coworkers.   Thanks!


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