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by Jenny Bryde 15. August 2009 15:53

Today, my fiance and I had a very important conversation.  It was our first chance to sit down with our minister to discuss our wedding ceremony.  Our minister just happens to be my uncle, my father's only brother, and a wonderful person.  Asking my uncle to marry us was the first decision that we made as an engaged couple, and it just came naturally as deciding that I'd be wearing white and that we wanted a fall wedding.  We didn't even have to think about it.  Until now...

My fiance and I live together, and we do not attend a church.  I would describe us as "good people" but that doesn't tell a whole lot about our faith.  I knew that my uncle is certainly religious, and I was concerned that a lack of formal religion in our lives would be an issue.  In a way, I was kind of dreading this first sit down conversation with my uncle in the role of our minister.  

Today was a family reunion in Des Moines, so our big conversation with my uncle was drawing nearer.  After everyone ate three helpings of everything, and after my fiance and I lost miserably at Washers, it was time to face the music and have a most important discussion with my uncle about our ceremony.  

An hour later after the meeting was over, I felt so relieved and silly for being nervous about this event.  My fiance smiled and shook my uncle's hand, and I gave them both a big hug.  We are good.  We are great!

In a nutshell, we had a fantastic and realistic discussion about where we stand in our faith, formal or not, how we deal with challenges and triumphs as a couple, and overall advice that my uncle had for us as his first blessing of our upcoming wedding.  As a minister, he did encourage us to consider pursuing a more "regular" relationship with The Man Upstairs, but beyond that, we were never made to feel like we were doing something wrong or that my uncle was less than thrilled to be marrying us.  Rather, he is elated and honored that we asked him!  

I am curious, readers, how your first face to face conversation with your minister/judge/friend/whomever went.  Was this someone you've known for a long time?  Did/do you feel comfortable with this person?  Did/do you feel that you need to change things in your relationship based upon the conversations you've had with this person?  

I know that everyone faces a different scenerio when getting married, but I think I have to thank my lucky stars that we have a supportive and loving person to start our married life.  I wish that for all of you as well!

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