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by Jenny Bryde 7. August 2009 03:21

We all love sweets, right? And we all love free things of course. So when you are a guest at a wedding, and you get to cap off seeing someone you love get hitched with a nice slice of sugary heaven, well that just takes the cake.

There are lots of decisions that go into your cake table. Will your cake be stacked? Will you have a round cake, square cake, oval, hexagon, or heart-shaped cake? Will you even have a cake? Will you go with cupcakes? A chocolate fountain? Mints? Cookies? Pies? Candy? Oh man, I need an insulin shot just from reading this post.

Here are some photos from the incredible Amy Atlas to make your dreams of sugarplums dance in your head...

While the wildly talented Ms. Atlas is based out of New York and is thus probably not available for your QCA wedding, we have MANY talanted bakeries and confectioners who would be thrilled to help recreate any of these tables or to do a dessert table that will appeal to your guests mouths and eyes.  

One place to start is with Lori from Heller Cakes.  She is faboulous, fun, and very talented!

Also talk to Robin with Le Cake.  Her creations are unique and beautiful!

And don't forget your trusty local HyVee.  Their bakery department will make the desserts come to life!

What does your dream dessert table look like?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


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