2014 Spring Wedding Color Trends

by Jenny Bryde 7. April 2014 01:31

According to the calendar, it's spring.  According to my "real feel" AKA my goosebumps, I'm not so sure.  Let's get this warmer weather season kick started with some fresh spring colors!  Check out these hot new color combos recommended by CK Paper Designs!  From this list, you could mix and match to your spring heart's content!  What do you think?  


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It's Almost Spring - How About Some Pink?

by Jenny Bryde 12. March 2014 01:11

We are days away from officially saying goodbye to Winter, and if Mother Nature didn't take the hint from all of our griping, herhaps she will adhere to the official calendar.  Looking foward to spring has me focusing around pretty pastels and in particular, pink.  So many shades that are complimentary to so many skin tones!  This week I'm drawn to this color, so I thought we'd take a tour of some fabulous places to find infinite choices of pink bridesmaid dresses.


First up - Nordsdrom who is featuring several key colors this season, one of which is "blush".  



Next up is one of my favorite places to shop for pretty dresses that double as great bridesmaid dresses - JCrew.  Check out their wide selection of styles and hues!




And last but not least is a great go to for wedding frocks - David's Bridal.  They have a huge array of colors and styles for your selection, so check out their pink!



So whether you're on team pink with me or prefer team green, blue, yellow, or orange, I hope the warmer weather around the corner inspires you to go dress shopping with your bridesmaids!  Happy hunting!

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Cool Wedding Tool - the Palette Generator by Big Huge Labs

by Jenny Bryde 3. November 2012 01:24

Out of all the decisions for our wedding, the idea that evolved the most was our choice of colors.  I must have looked at a hundred wedding magazines and websites and pictures of our venue I narrowed down our choice.  Even when the decision was "final" I found myself loving other color combinations.  Heck, even years after we've been married, and I wander around a wedding show, I STILL think about what I'd pick if I were to get married all over again!

Sometimes the first step is when you fall in love with a beautiful picture.  Pictures are so powerful in that they convey the mood and the beauty of a situation, so when you find that picture that makes your heart stop, it's not really because you want that exact wedding displayed.  It's because you want THAT kind of party, THAT kind of beauty, THAT kind of fun, or what have you.

BigHugeLabs.com is a site with a number of different fun tools, and one of their best, in my own humble opinion, is the color palette generator.  After signing up for a free account, I could take any picture that I had fallen in love with, upload it, and the color palette generator spat out a dozen color samples pulled from that picture.  It would be an excellent way to figure out what colors would go well together when you are picking bridesmaid dresses, linens, invitations, whatever!

Here are some examples of where I found wedding pictures that I loved and shoved them through the color palette generator...










How easy would it be to go to a bridal store and say I want dresses that match THIS color swatch?  So easy!  And those funny number/letter codes under each swatch are very meaningful to a graphic designer when you order your wedding invitations!  The work is done for you!  And that hard to pin color that you couldn't figure out, well there it is. 

Related tip - my other favorite place to find color swatches is the paint aisle at a home improvement store!  Spend some time mixing and matching those cardstock swatches to find great color combinations!

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Wedding Word of the Day: Ombre

by Jenny Bryde 11. July 2011 09:21

As a writer, I tend to think that as far as words go, I'm fairly knowledgeable.  Today has brought me yet another lesson in humility as I learned a brand new (to me) word that comes to play ever so fancifully in wedding decor.  The word is "ombre" which is a French term for gradient or shading.  As far as weddings are concerned, it's a one word solution to those of us brides who cannot pinpoint a specific color to which we would declare loyalty.  Why pick one shade of pink when you can have them all?  Using an ombre approach, one doesn't have to worry about swatch matching, color overkill, or florescent light tricks.  I'm going off in a tangent here...  Perhaps it would be better if I brought in some visuals...

Let's start off with a famous example.  Remember when Gwen Stefani wore her famously pink-tinged wedding gown?  Notice how the coloration doesn't go directly from white to hot pink but trails through a gradient, or ombre, of shades.  The effect is a graceful transition which adds softness to the shocking color.




Next we have a darling wedding cake with a bottom layer that uses an ombre effect to travel through all the lovely shades of purple one can find. 

An ombre effect doesn't have to be a direct gradient as we see here in this floral chandelier.  Instead, a more haphazard color approach is used to incorporate a more non-traditional "messy" look.  Still charming! 

I think the use of ombre coloration here is a refreshing way to display a traditional place setting!  This centerpiece arrangement is gorgeous! 

How fun are these shoes?  Not white.  Not pink.  Just perfect! 


And in a very delicate fashion, these napkins were tinted with an ombre effect which gives a more vintage-y look to this place setting! 

That's it.  I can't take it.  I want to incorporate an ombre effect everywhere.  On weddings, in decorating, or even in my garden!  It's so pretty!  Ask your wedding vendors today if they can accommodate your resistance to pinning down one or two colors.  I bet they'd love the challenge! 

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What's your sign? ...er...color?

by Jenny Bryde 5. February 2011 03:46

QCWeddings.com has been serving the Quad Cities wedding community for over six years now, and lately we've decided that we needed a little bit of a face lift.  We talked to many of you at recent bridal shows and shared a few of the things coming to the site...budget tools, seating chart help, personalized pages, etc.  We CANNOT wait for you all to see all the tools and renovations that are coming down the pike very shortly!

One major discussion that we've been having around the office is what color palette should we use.  We all kind of agreed that our current color palette on the blog and message board is a little dreary and needs an update badly.  We tossed and turned around colors, and at one point, I thought to myself, is this really worth all the concern?  It's just a color choice, right?  And then I thought about when we started planning our wedding how one of the first decisions that we made (and one of the most often asked question throughout the engagement) was what colors were we using. 

Color is extremely important to people.  Whether it's weddings, websites, or widgets, having a set of complimentary hues around you can elevate your mood, bring on nostalgia, excite, or relax you.  As we became deeper and deeper into our color research, we found out that there is just a ton of research already out there on color choices and color therapy and what not.  It's fascinating! 

Here is a fun color chart provided by PaperSource.  Find your wedding colors on this chart...do the descriptions add up to what you hope your wedding day will be?  Adventurous?  Romantic?  Nostalgic?  Relaxed?  Exciting? Click on the images to open a zoomable readable version....is zoomable a word?  It is now, I suppose.  :)


So it's no wonder that your choice in color for whatever is an important selection.  We've narrowed down our selection to a few color palettes, and the new site design should be coming to you VERY soon!  We are so excited!!


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