Bright Color Palettes for a Dark Morning

by Jenny Bryde 28. December 2015 02:43

If you look outside right now, you'll see drab, drab, and more drab unless you take a closer glance.  There are some really beautiful color palettes out there that have been inspired by winter's beauty.  Here are some to get you feeling inspired!


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Fall Wedding Colors: Gold!

by Jenny Bryde 7. September 2015 02:52

Next up on our Fall color line up is Gold!  I tried to find the right shades to really represent the seasonal colors.  It's not pure Gold, but rather a mix of yellow and orange.  Beautiful!  Are these the shades for you?  Next up, Red!

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Men's Ties in Every Color!

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2015 01:50

Once you've selected your wedding colors, you go out into the world to start selecting all the elements that will make up your wedding.  One item often overlooked until the end is the men's tie.  Don't feel like you need to stick with something simple or boring when it comes to this accessory.  There are plenty of ways to jazz a tie up.  Take a look at my picks in every color!


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Anything Can Happen!

by Jenny Bryde 17. May 2015 15:57

I was discussing weddings with someone recently who was lamenting that she really loves yellow and ombre but that who has a yellow ombre wedding?  I told her that as far as wedding colors, everything goes, and it's totally up to the couple what they want to see happen.  I promised her some inspiration pics of cakes in particular, so for your consideration, I give you yellow ombre cakes!

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Black, Gold, and Pink?

by Jenny Bryde 4. May 2014 08:51

Recently a friend was lamenting that her daughter was getting married and that the groom had his heart set on a black and gold wedding (Hawkeye fan, anyone?) but that her daughter loved the color pink.  She shook her head and told our circle that she just wasn't quite sure how that would pan out.  It got me thinking that even unusual color combinations can be made to work for a wedding, especially if the colors mean something to the bride and groom.  So for my friend, and for anyone else dealing with an overenthusiastic enthusiast, here are some pictures that I found that would be lovely to work for a black, gold, and pink wedding.


Pink ruffled tissue flowers and bold black and white stripes.  Add some gold tie backs for this unique alter.

A stunning black and gold stationery set.  Add a pink envelope and find some vintage stamps in the rose family to add the pink touch.

These charcoal black bridesmaid dresses are just the right touch with their pink bouquets.

If you can take the heat of high heels, these glittery pink and gold stilletos would do the trick!

These whimsical bridesmaid dresses with pink and yellow bouquets would be lovely!


Black vintage accents with glittery gold modern letters create a stunning effect.


So there!  I think it can be done!  

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