Random Centerpiece Elements from Etsy

by Jenny Bryde 21. September 2015 01:06

Need inspiration for anything anywhere?  Spend an hour of five on Etsy.com where you'll be bombarded with brilliant ideas.  This weekend, I was on the hunt for great centerpiece ideas, and Etsy did not fail me.  There are tons of elements that can shape your centerpieces, and selecting something surprising or unique will add charm and interest to your tables.  Here are a few suggested items that I think might work for you!  Click on any image to go directly to the Etsy shop.  Have fun!



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Make Use of Holiday Decor for Your Centerpieces

by Jenny Bryde 4. November 2013 07:14

You already have that stash.  A closet?  A shelf in the garage?  Your entire basement?  It's where you put all those miscelaneous pieces of holiday decor that only see the light of day once a year when the festivities arrive.  My post today asks you to take a leap of faith to bring those boxes, bags, and bundles out of hiding for another special occasion - Your wedding!  Many of the holiday displays that I see popping up already this fall would double nicely as centerpieces, aisle decor, bouquets, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Keep your eyes on your favorites, and watch for after season sales as well!  Here are a few examples that would work well for holidays AND weddings!


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Summer Flowers Making an Early Appearance!

by Jenny Bryde 18. May 2013 07:42
It seems like in this part of the world, we do not get much time to cuddle with Spring before warm weather takes over as Summer arrives in town.  I'd like to have a moment of silence for s
pring flowers. 
Thank you.
Now, I'm over it because summer flowers are starting to pop up on the radar.  Humidity and buzzing bees keep these flowers happy, and if a bride snags them for her summer wedding bouquet, then she is a true summer bride.  Here are a few of my favorite summer bouquets and centerpieces that I've found lately.  The words that come to mind when I see them are happy, welcoming, and warm.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you are planning a summer wedding, take note as your florist can make these arrangements come to life!
Remember to chat with your florist when picking out seasonal flowers.  They are your go to expert for what we can and can't get our hands on depending on the time of year you get married! 

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