The Great Photography Debate - Formal or Candid?

by Jenny Bryde 2. December 2011 13:34

My smile never looks the way I think it would look when I glance at pictures of myself.  What I feel to be a huge cheesy grin might make for a photogenic shot whereas if I tried my darndest to put on my prettiest smile, I may end up looking like I'm more in pain than having a good time.  That's why I love to see a wedding album where there are a mixture of shots both posed and on the spot.  You catch people at their cheesiest and at their loveliest at in one day. 

Side note: I haven't really shared my wedding photography on here in part because I like my anonymity - I sometimes fantasize that I'm some warped bridal blogging super heroine.  The other reason that I have kept my pictures somewhat sacred is that we have so many talented photographers in our vendor directory that I didn't want anyone thinking that I am biased towards our photographer.  Oh but I just can't help myself...  Our photographer was the first wedding vendor that we booked because I happen to think (any my smart fiance now husband agreed with me) that photography is about the most important decision we made while planning our wedding.  Anyway, I digress.. 

Our photographer was Giraffe Photographer with the amazing husband wife duo of Steven and Elaine who we zeroed in on specifically because of their non-cookie cutter style of photography.  Their mix of candid and formal shots make their outcome amazing.  I thought it would be great to finally share some of our engagement pictures in this blog post because of the great balance that Giraffe Photography was able to find...

Here are some formal shots.  These would be the ones where everyone knows their picture is being taken and is in fact told where to sit and how to pose.  This would be much of what you see in traditional photography.  This is the kind of photography where your entire wedding party and/or family may be lined up with everyone in height order and hands placed just so...a favorite with grandparents everywhere...



And then we have some more free-stylin' candid shots.  When we were taking these pictures, I remember Stephen and Elaine telling us general directions like, "Give her a smooch!" or "Look at each other."  Other than that, what we did was up to us.  Look how different these pictures are...

I love all of these pictures, and it was nice to provide a variety for our familys to choose from.  If I had to pick one style over another, I think I'd go with candid...  How about you?  What kind of photography do you like best? 

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