October Wedding Cakeapalooza!

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2015 01:13

We have some really great October/Fall themed wedding cakes to show you today!  Not only are they deliciouis, they are adorably themed to fit an autumn affair.  What do you think?  White sheet cakes are fine, but these have a little something extra!

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Anything Can Happen!

by Jenny Bryde 17. May 2015 15:57

I was discussing weddings with someone recently who was lamenting that she really loves yellow and ombre but that who has a yellow ombre wedding?  I told her that as far as wedding colors, everything goes, and it's totally up to the couple what they want to see happen.  I promised her some inspiration pics of cakes in particular, so for your consideration, I give you yellow ombre cakes!

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Trend Spotting - Mini Wedding Cakes!

by Jenny Bryde 23. September 2013 00:52

I've been to weddings that have had cake.  Yum!  I've been to weddings that have had cup cakes.  Yum!  Now I am seeing weddings pop up on the radar with not full sized cakes, not cup cakes, but mini wedding cakes!  What a great idea.  These range in size from cup cake sized to a small cake shared by an entire table.  These are very decadent and look like the real deal big sister.  How much fun (and what a time saver) to have your guests each have their own ready to go wedding cake!

Check them out:  

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Think Outside of the Cake Box

by Jenny Bryde 10. December 2012 00:36

When arranging details for your wedding that reflect your colors, theme, personality, etc, don't forget your cake!  There seem to be two camps in the world of cake:  those who believe a cake needs to be simple and demure, and those who want extravagence.  Many people are worried about going "overboard" on a cake for fear of gaudiness.  Here are some cakes that are over the top, but definitely not gaudy!  How fun!


This cake looks like it was meticulously decorated with Valentines Day candies!

This cake is entirely covered in sprinkles!  How fun!  

This cake uses fondant shapes throught to create a whimsical graphic display.  

These cakes are made entirely of macaroons!  

This cake is a paisley delight!

Who has more ruffles, the cake or the bride?  Beautiful!

This cake looks like a stained glass leaf.  How beautiful for the fall or winter!


So if you want a white cake, have a white cake.  I had a white cake, and it was delicous.  However, if you're feeling a little dangerous, you should know now that you don't have to be distasteful.  A beautiful cake can be loaded to the gills with personality.  Speak with your cake designer to come up with something uniquely you!

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