Fun, Funky, and Fresh Cake Toppers!

by Jenny Bryde 18. June 2011 04:29

Somewhere along the line, one bride told three brides to be, that anyone who is anyone had to have the same type of cake topper as everyone else who was married that year.  Those brides told their friends, and so on and so on.  Before we knew it, the cake toppers that we saw at alllllllll the weddings on alllllllllllll the cakes had little variation and were just blah.  You can probably think of the ones that you always see.

But never fear!  Today's wedding is all about creating a personalized affair that reflects the bride and groom, and that includes the cake topper!  I went on a hunt this week to find some refreshing ideas to inspire us, and the good news is I found tons!  It seems as though the wedding world has awoken and found its inner cake topper.  Check out what I found!

First off we have a twist on the idea of placing the couple's initials as the cake topper.  There are all kinds of bold and funky initial materials out there made of everything from wood, to wire, to wool.  The font choices are unlimited along with the colors and scale.  Go big or go home, right? 

Everyone has seen the cake toppers that are the generic bride and groom under the plastic archway, right?  Usually the personalization stops at finding the right hair color for the bride and groom.  Check out this awesome twist on the old idea with these totally realistic characterizations brought to life! 

I happen to love birds in wedding decor, and I found these little guys that would be so sweet sitting on top of your cake!  But don't stop with birds; you could have any animal, cartoon, or other odd object as your cake topper! 

I looooooove this idea for a cake topper!  How old fashioned and sweet is it to have your sweetheart carve your initials into a tree?  Even sweeter is when that tree is planted on top of your wedding cake.  What a great twist on the initials idea!

And last, but definitely not least, I found this wild peacock cake topper that is totally taste specific, but it should drive the point home that you can have ANYTHING you'd like on your cake.  Make it special and about you and your sweetheart. 



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