It's Almost Spring - How About Some Pink?

by Jenny Bryde 12. March 2014 01:11

We are days away from officially saying goodbye to Winter, and if Mother Nature didn't take the hint from all of our griping, herhaps she will adhere to the official calendar.  Looking foward to spring has me focusing around pretty pastels and in particular, pink.  So many shades that are complimentary to so many skin tones!  This week I'm drawn to this color, so I thought we'd take a tour of some fabulous places to find infinite choices of pink bridesmaid dresses.


First up - Nordsdrom who is featuring several key colors this season, one of which is "blush".  



Next up is one of my favorite places to shop for pretty dresses that double as great bridesmaid dresses - JCrew.  Check out their wide selection of styles and hues!




And last but not least is a great go to for wedding frocks - David's Bridal.  They have a huge array of colors and styles for your selection, so check out their pink!



So whether you're on team pink with me or prefer team green, blue, yellow, or orange, I hope the warmer weather around the corner inspires you to go dress shopping with your bridesmaids!  Happy hunting!

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Bridesmaid Dresses from Non-Bridal Shops

by Jenny Bryde 8. June 2013 16:08

Who says you have to play by the rules?  Rules are made to be broken, and today I am breaking the rule that you must have your bridesmaids purchase dresses from a bridal shop.  You can if you'd like as there are many wonderful dresses to be found, but if you don't find what you're looking for, never fear.  Many non-bridal dress retailers have fabulous choices for bridesmaids to don!  Coincedentally, I think these would also be awesome picks for a rehearsal dinner dress for any bride!  


Here are a few of my current faves:

From, the Blakely Dress:  

From, the Carmela dress:  

From, the Mirabelle Dress:  

From, the Lace Yoke Dress:  

From, the Peach Blossom Dress:

From, the Sophie Dress:  

From, the Colorblock V-neck Dress:  

From, the Eyelet Flare Shirtdress:  

From, the Belted Drape Dress:  

These dresses range from the under $100 range to the $300 dollar range, and each of the names of the dresses is linked back to the sale page, so get clicking and have fun shopping!

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Hot Site - - Dresses for your Maids!

by Jenny Bryde 26. November 2011 14:53

Today I was doing my usually busywork on the computer when I stumbled upon a rad site called  Maybe I've been living under a rock.  Maybe I've been too wrapped up in Thanksgiving.  Either way, I've been totally missing out on awesome dress deals from this site.  As your blogger, I daresay it behooves me to ensure that all you who are planning a wedding and picking out bridesmaid dresses and what not get to this site immediately to see the numerous dresses they have for any color palette.  The dresses are AWESOME!  Each one is unique and a refreshing spin off of the tried and true selection that you might find elsewhere.  The best part is, that the dresses are totally reasonable!  Most of the frocks are under $100, and some are on sale right now for as little as $25!  Ladies, start your engines!

I thought it would be fun to show off a selection that I picked out from the hundreds of dresses available on the site when I searched for "red dress".  How much fun would it be to get your gals to don these duds:


And it doesn't stop at red!  This site has everything from blush to bashful.  I love how imaginative the designs are and how they would totally work as bridesmaid dresses AND be awesome deals!  PS - They have a sale on many of their dresses right now that takes of 50% through tomorrow night, so get shopping!

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