Name that Movie Bride!

by Jenny Bryde 30. August 2015 16:34

Okay, everyone.  Put down your planners, your cellphone, and your agendas.  It's time to play a quick game.  Can you name these 10 movies from these pictures of movie brides?  Number a piece of scratch paper from 1-10, and try to guess them all!  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.  What are your all time top ten movie brides??




1) Funny Girl

2) Father of the Bride

3) The Princess Bride

4) Bride of Frankenstein

5) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

6) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

7) Love Actually

8) Marie Antoinette

9) Sex and the City: The Movie

10) The Notebook

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Jenny Bryde

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