Just Three Weeks Until the 3rd Semi-Annual Bride and Groom Garage Sale!!

by Jenny Bryde 1. April 2012 05:19

It's been six months already! It's time again for our Bride and Groom Garage Sale!! We love, love, LOVE this event, and we feel pretty confident that anyone involved with it loves, loves, LOVES it as well! If you've attended the sale before, you know that it's a worthwhile adventure, and if you've never been, well, you're in for a real treat!

The problem was that we have so many married couples (and families of said married couples) who end up housing a warehouse full of left over wedding items after the big day is over. Do you or someone you know have thirty sets of centerpieces, bolts of leftover fabric, now-useless dresses? There are a thousand items bought for a wedding that end up sitting in storage after because they aren't trash but they have lost their usefulness.

The other part of the problem is that in this day and age, almost everyone getting married has to watch their budget so that their wedding doesn't end up costing them an arm and a leg that they can't afford to give up! If there was a way to save money on say, decor, or other wedding-esque items, maybe there'd be more room in the budget for a dream photographer or location or menu.

THE SOLUTION: The Bride and Groom Garage Sale! We set up an area, invite people to come and sell their "left overs" to engaged couples who are ready to spend some money on a good deal. The result? Married couples do some serious spring cleaning, make some money back, and help a good cause. Engaged couples do some serious wedding shopping, save some money, and help a good cause as well!

We repeat this event every six months (this is our third time doing it!), and each time we have selected a different local charity to sponsor. This time we have selected the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship Fund. I was unfamiliar with this charity until Jami told me all about it: Kelly McQuate passed away in an accident a few days after her wedding. To honor her memory, her new husband established this scholarship fund to help children who have lost one or both parents to attend college. What a seriously amazing way to tribute someone you love!

Interested in attending? Here's how this works...

For sellers - It is FREE to have a table..or two tables...or ten tables. We just ask that you register ahead of time on our site just so that we can make sure we have enough tables set up for you. You can find out all the details about being a seller and register for your tables here. We also accept walk-ins on the day of, but priority goes to those who register ahead of time.

For shoppers - It is $5 a person to come and shop the sale. The sale runs from (CORRECTION) 12-2. We recommend bringing a reusable shopping bag or two because you'll never know what you might find! All proceeds from the event go to our charity, so make this an event! Bring your entire wedding party, your momma, your grandma, your co-workers...everybody! The more the merrier!

Our goal each time is to raise more money and awareness for our charities. Seriously folks, this event is just one of those things to do that helps everyone involved. So, help us out by spreading the word around! Word of mouth is the best advertising!

Here's the official flyer for the event:


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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

A Successful Sale - The Bride and Groom Garage Sale Take One!

by Jenny Bryde 17. April 2011 12:08

Oh what a weekend!  We made it through the Bride and Groom Garage Sale, and we were so thrilled with the results of our brain child's first attempt at success!  Throughout planning this event, we tried to anticipate potential problems and solutions, but NO ONE could have predicted the mini blizzard that came down throughout much of the morning and some of the afternoon yesterday.  It was a wind that could chilll you to the bones, but that didn't stop our eager shoppers from coming out to the sale.  We had nearly 200 people come through the sale, and after having charged $2 a person plus what was collected off of the table rentals, we are able to donate nearly $500 to the Friendly House in Davenport! 

We had amazing sellers who came fully prepared with tons of amazing merchandise to sell.  I was so proud of the variety and quality of stuff that was out there for our shoppers to pick through!  As people left the sale, we saw people carrying anything from one item to entire boxes full of things that they were going to be able to use for their upcoming weddings!  So exciting! 

We had AMAZING volunteers from the Friendly House who helped our sellers to set up in the morning and helped our shoppers in the dressing room area in the afternoon.  We had several brides to be walk out the door with a wedding dress, and we also sold some flower girl dresses and some mother of the bride dresses! 

Here are some pictures from the event:














We loved hosting this event, and we gathered such positive and encouraging feedback from the people who participated.  We are loaded with tons of ideas for next time, and Patty at the Golden Leaf Center has already booked us for a tentative date of October 29th of this year to do the second B&GGS!  So if you came to this sale as a shopper and are getting married sometime between now and October, think about renting a table in our October sale to earn some cash back on your wedding items!  If you missed out on shopping but are getting married after October, pencil in that date and come shop our sale! 

Thank you again to all who participated: sellers, shoppers, volunteers from the Friendly House, the Paula Sands Live Show, and Patty from the Golden Leaf Center!  We had a blast, and we can't wait for next time! 


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Three More Days Until the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 13. April 2011 10:35

The blog has been neglected a little this last week or so because we have all been working on getting this event up and running for this weekend!  We are so excited!  We have many tables reserved by people who are bringing what sounds like amazing items to sell, and I know we've had a lot of interest for those who want to come and shop! 

We still have room for people to rent tables, so if you're a procrastinator, such as myself, never fear!  We'd love to have you!  It's $10 to rent a table, and you can do so by clicking here for registration or by just being a walk-in on Saturday!  You can also give me a call at 563-343-1581, and I will get your table reservation down.  Everyone will be just paying at the door on the day of, so don't worry about doing a table reservation or what not...we just want to know what people are bringing to sell so we can get a general idea of a lay out. 

Remember set up for sellers is from 9-11 on Saturday, and the sale runs from 12-2!  We hope to see you all there, and if you've got a friend or a family member who's got a bunch of wedding stuff to sell, alert them to this fantastic opportunity!  And remember all you brides and grooms to be, down the road when we repeat this event, YOU'll be able to sell YOUR wedding stuff! 

Again - click here for more details, and tell others about this event!  It's good for a lot of people in a lot of ways!  Be sure to watch us on Paula Sands Live tomorrow at 4:30ish! 


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Bride and Groom Garage Sale Registration is Up and Running!

by Jenny Bryde 2. April 2011 04:05

If you've been waiting to register for a seller's table at our Bride and Groom Garage Sale, you can do so by clicking here.  Remember that anyone can rent a table, and anyone can shop!  We have someone who just registered for two tables because she's got a daughter and son who recently got married and have all this left over stuff which she wants to sell in order to help her youngest daughter with her wedding budget!  We also have some of our wonderful vendors who are bringing their clearance items to sell.  Either way, it's a great deal for everyone! 

Be sure to tell anyone and everyone you know who's got some random wedding stuff lying around in storage about this event!  Everyone gets a great deal, and some of the proceeds go to the Friendly House in the Quad Cities!  It's a win-win situation for everyone!  So tell your friends, your co-workers, and your families.  Heck, tell the person behind you in line at the grocery store! 

More info can be found on the details page here, and just remember - it's $10 to rent a table (including 3 dresses), and it's $5 to get in to shop!


Events | Jenny Bryde

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