Casual Fall Fashion for Brides

by Jenny Bryde 13. September 2015 17:09

Stop!  Before you read any further, I want to make a promise to you all that this post is not an advertisement for farm fields or for trucks.  I am laughing because most of the pictures that I found for today's post feature brides hanging out in wedding attire while apparently wading throug cattails and fish ponds.  Go figure.  

Today's post is really about a certain kind of style I've been witnessing lately as a trend with brides, and it seems to come out in spades when we hit the fall season.  Casual bridal attire is a blanket stamp for the look of natural grace and beauty when a bride looks beautiful because she feels beautiful - easy flowing hair and garments mark this look along with a relaxed face and stance.  Check out these beautiful casual fall brides!


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Bobbed Brides - Cutting Your Hair Short

by Jenny Bryde 3. June 2012 02:29

Snip, snip, snip went the scissors as I sat watching my always long locks get chopped into oblivion.  Okay.  That was a little dramatic, but I will say that my hair is no where near what it was a few days ago before I got the itch to chop it all off. 

Maybe I should tell this story from the beginning.  To make it quick - I've always liked having along hair.  Maybe it was because it masked the birthmark on the back of my neck.  Maybe it was because it was always refreshing to pull my hair up into a pony tail when it was hot outside.  Or maybe I appreciated my hair so much because I spent the first three years of my life very nearly bald and was thrilled when my head was no longer shiny as a cue ball.  For whatever reason, I've always kept my hair long until I decided two days ago that I'd had enough.  Going in for my regular haircut, I shocked my usual lady by telling her to get ready to chop it all off.  She asked me several times in several different ways (while also mentioning that I had been bald until three) to ensure that a short haircut was what I really wanted.  Yes, yes, yes.  Let's do it.  Ready, set, go!  And there you have it.  Mere moments later, I was left with a very cute short haircut that I really do like afterall! 

It got me thinking about what society views as feminine, and in our case here at, what we view as "bridaly".  Picture after picture of brides show long hair in an updo or curled long down the bride's back.  Very few brides with short hair are featured and celebrated, and I think that needs to end here!  I went on a hut for cute pictures of brides with short haircuts, and I found quite a bit!  Check them out...


Just a few to get us started on our tribute to short-haired brides, but what do you think? Are you keeping your hair long for your wedding? Have you always had long/short hair? Have you considered altering your hair for your wedding by a haircut or by adding extensions? Fill us in...we are intrigued!

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