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by Jenny Bryde 24. January 2010 03:25

We just had the BridalMax Wedding show a few weekends ago, and we've got another big one coming up soon! The Davenport Jaycees Annual Bridal Expo is celebrating their 25th anniversary of wedding shows this year on Saturday, January 30th at the Davenport River Center!

This is one of the biggest shows of the year, and it's one that any soon to be bride or groom should attend. I know, ladies, asking your guy to come to a bridal fair is often like asking them if they'd like to have their teeth cleaned, but just dazzle them with the free cake samples and prize giveaways! It's amazing what a little trickery will do for a girl...

You can purchase your tickets for $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Click here to see a list of many locations where you can purchase your tickets in advance.

Along with purchasing your tickets in advance, you should also mentally and physically prepare yourself for attending the bridal show. Here are four tips that you can easily manage that will make your experience as enjoyable as possible...

#1 - Dress Appropriately! I know we hate to think that people are being judged, but let's face it. We make snap judgments all the time. Would you want to work with a baker or photographer who looks as though they neglected to shower before coming to meet you? Probably not. The same kinds of thoughts go through the vendor's minds as they meet you as potential clients. You don't have to break out your prom dress, but maybe save the sweats and hair scrunchies for the gym. Also, remember that the temperature inside the bridal fair could be extreme...either hot or cold. Dress with layers and maybe consider leaving your coat, hat, mittens, scarves in the car.

#2 - Bring an extra bag or two! You are often given a goody bag upon entering bridal fairs, but who knows, they may have run out. You will be receiving enormous amounts of paper at the fair, and you'll want to have somewhere to keep it. If you have two bags, you can sort your info as you go. One bag is for the vendors that you'll definitely consider, and the other bag is for those vendors that you have ruled out. (Side note, be sure to recycle if you have a mountain of brochures left over when you get home!)

#3 - Be excited, but be wary! You will meet a lot of friendly vendors during the show. After all, they are there to woo you over and hopefully gain your valued business. Most vendors will be glad to load you with info, give you references, and answer your questions. Lots of them have amazing giveaways throughout the show. You should never, however, feel pressured to sign into a contract during the show. You are making major investments with each of your vendors and should be given ample time to think things through.

#4 - Watch out for Carpal Tunnel! Every single vendor that you meet will want your contact info. They do this for several reasons including being able to follow up with you if you had a conversation with them about their services or to send out information, promotions, or discounts. There are also big give aways that vendors sometimes give out from their contact lists generated at bridal shows. With nearly 100 vendors at the Jaycees Bridal Show, you could seriously tire out your hand! Instead, type out your contact info on address labels so that you can simply slap down a sticker and move on with your day!

That about sums it up for my tips for a successful bridal fair! I hope to see you at the Jaycees Bridal Expo on January 30th from 9am to 4pm with fashion shows at 11am and 4pm. :)


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