Finding the Right Bridal Bra

by Jenny Bryde 10. November 2013 01:10

The anatomy of a bridal ensemble is quite complex.  The outer picture seen by everyone and immortalized in pictures shows a put together and beautiful bride.  The truth is that bridal gowns and ensembles are quite heavy and take a bit of forthought and clever undergarments to keep everything in place.  

Today on the blog, I wanted to feature some great choices for bridal bras that will help to keep your girls in place and to make your decollette looking tres jolie!

First is the Miraclesuit Strapless Body Briefer pictured below.  For around $60, it's a wise investment.  It controls not only your cleavage but also cinches in your tummy, hips, thighs, and butt for a smooth "spanks"-esque look.  While this might not be the sexiest thing ever, it will keep everything just where you want it.  


Next we have the Va Bien Ultra-Lift Seamless Bustier Bra which retails for around $80.  Along with the lifting and sucking in, it also has built in boning support which keeps the bra itself well supported while you twist and turn on the dance floor.  Side note, I used this exact bra on my wedding day and was very happy with it!  



And last but not least, we have the Victoria's Secret Multi-Way Bustier Bra which sells for around $45.  This bra would work well for the more petit bride who did not need help sucking in anything but rather just needed good chest lift support.  


So where do you stand in our story of Goldy-Bride and the Three Bras?  Which one is just right for you?  


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