DIY Freebie - Downloadable Templates for Envelope Liners (and Everything Else...)

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2009 00:46

I am always amazed when I hear about things that brides and grooms and their families have put together all on their very own.  DIY (do-it-yourself) projects have become huge especially recently as budgets are tight.  Even if someone is not creative, there is an abundance of help and guidance to be found if you want to tackle a particular project on your own.  

I was contemplating making my own envelope liners to add to my invitations because I had fallen in love with images such as these...

photo via Audrey Arp Design

photo via Wedding Paper Divas

photo via Casanova Wong

The price tag that accompanies order envelopes with liners can sometimes throw off a budget, but that's no reason why we can't make our own, right?

There are all sorts of things out there to help a crafty bride or groom cut an envelope liner to the right size.  Being a penny pincher, I of course went looking for the free online templates and found the jackpot mother-load of cool downloadable (free) templates.  Check out the Mirkwood Designs website ( where I not only found envelope liner templates, but also templates for all sorts of things including boxes of all sorts, different types of cards, cd labels, library pockets, iPod holders, and more!  Anyone can take advantage of these freebies to make something cool and personalized (and inexpensive) for their wedding!  All it takes is a little paper, some patience with the scissors, et voila!

Do we have any DIYers out there who have made some really amazing wedding products all on their own?  We'd love to see pictures of them or hear how your process went!

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