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by Jenny Bryde 6. June 2013 16:48

It's our wedding day, and while our photographers can touch up bad skin or make up in post-editing, we still want to look our best on our big day!  There are lots of great articles and websites out there about beauty, but I wanted to share one in particular today that I've found to be helpful.  It's called  Get it?  Maskcara, mascara??  Anyhoo, it's written by Cara, an amazing make up artist who shares all of her secrets on her beautifully organized and styled blog.  

Seriously, I've spent way too much time on this site lately, so I feel the need to impose the site on all of you, dear readers, so that I can metaphorically pass it on.  :)  

This girl is amazing at all things beauty, and her site is well organized and fun to navigate!  Some of my favorite posts are:

Self Tanning

Victoria's Best Kept Secrets

Bridal Beauty Checklist

Check her out:


What are your favorite sources of make up and hair information??

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Bridal Product Review: Gelish Nail Polish!

by Jenny Bryde 20. February 2012 15:52

I recently stumbled across an amazing product that just happens to be right up your bridally little alley... A revolution in nail polish has hit our market, ladies. I guess you can't even call it polish...because it's Gelish. It's like nail polish, only it is instantly dry and makes your nails hard as rocks with a chip-proof finish that lasts up to three weeks. At least that's what the woman at my nail salon told me when I went to get a lil' mani/pedi action a few weeks ago. The manicure with the gelish nails was about $10 more than my regular manicure, but I thought, what the heck, and told the lady to go for it.

It works just like regular nail polish with the only difference being that I had to stick my hands in this UV lamp thingie after being painted for the gelish to "cure". The machine was only on for about 30 seconds and my nails were instantly in chip proof, smudge proof, and super shiny! This to me was an amazing perk of the gelish manicure as I usually smudge my nail polish about five minutes after it's applied.

I can also attest that my nails were in perfect condition days and days later...and this on my hands which wash bottles and do laundry every day. By the fourth day, I did notice that I had a couple of chips, but keep in mind that my hands are submerged in water and cleaners multiple times a day. Most people may benefit from their gelish manicure for closer to the 3 week mark, no problem.

The nail polish is so hard, in fact, that when you want to take it off, you are supposed to soak your nails in acetone for fifteen minutes. Or if you are a picker, like me, you can probably peel off pieces which is much more fun.

The big downfall that I see is the fact that you are sticking your hands into what is essentially a mini tanning booth which makes me uncomfortable. A few reviews that I saw suggested using an spf lotion on your hands before putting them into the light box or there are these special UV ray blocking gloves that just have the tips cut off for the nails.

I know that the gelish nail supplies are available to be purchased online and at a few local retailers. There are several salons in the QCA who do gelish manicures.

Anyhoo, I TOTALLY think this would be an awesome manicure for a bride and/or her wedding party and/or family... No worries about chips or smudges on your wedding day. You could, in fact, get your manicure done a few days before your wedding without worry of trying to schedule it in amongst hair appointments and what not. Try it, and let us know what you think!




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