Happy Autumn Wedding Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2013 08:10

On this cool beautiful first day of Fall, I can't help but think about the beautiful weddings in store for us this season!  Here are my pics for favorite Autumn inspired wedding ideas:


Feathers and folliage for your hair, anyone?  The idea is not to look like a turkey, but if you can pull it off, it's quite a charming look!


How about woodgrained paper for your wedding stationery?  Rustic yet modern.  How can that be???


Leaves are in abundance, so go get a silver fine tipped marker and some free leaves from your back yard and get to work on these seasonal place cards.  


Personal pies for each guest.  They will love you for it!


Lacy wedding cakes in fall colors...


A unique wedding band showing of one's natural side.


A harvest gold color palette for a tone that will work with any skin color.


Snuggling.  Need I say more???


Inspiration Boards | Jenny Bryde

Next Contender in the Fall Color Palette...Gold!

by Jenny Bryde 24. October 2009 12:23

For those of you who enjoyed our last post about Fall colors with all the purples and plums, here's another visual treat for you...golds and yellows!  Yummy!  Take a look at all these wonderfully delicious inspiration boards snatched from the Snippet and Ink blog!  Enjoy...





Who's next you ask?  Well don't worry, Red and Green, I haven't forgotten about you!!


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