What is My Deal with Suspenders?

by Jenny Bryde 31. May 2015 16:15

I was recently at a friend's wedding, and all the groomsmen wore suspenders.  No jackets, and not because it was not either.  I absolutely love the look!  Why?  What is so great about suspenders?  I think it has something to do with the look of a man who is ready to get down to business and has no time to be fussing about his clothing.  Suspenders are a hot, hot, HOT man trend on the wedding walkway right now, and to prove it to you, I present to you, just in time for Man Crush Monday, Suspender-palooza!


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Little Men - Dress Attire for Toddlers

by Jenny Bryde 25. May 2015 02:13

Around these parts, we see adorable flower girls all the time, so today I decided to feature the men.  Little men.  As a mommy of a growing baby boy, I am drawn lately to adorable outfits for little boys.  Here are a few of my favorites for mini-ring bearers!


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Trend Alert - Showing Some Skin!

by Jenny Bryde 11. December 2013 01:05

How do we feel about a blushing bride being not so bashful?  Lately I've been noticing a lot more skin peeping through all the yards of bridal fabric.  Even though it's pretty cold outside right now, these brides are not afraid to show off what they've got.  While on first encounter, someone might think of "see through dress" as not so great an idea for a bride, but check out these tasteful dresses that leave a little less to the imagination.



Tres jolie, non?  

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Veils for Every Bride...

by Jenny Bryde 7. March 2010 07:13

First off folks, my apologies for the absence in posts last week. I've gotten over a nasty bout of flu, and I'll be catching up to speed this week, don't you worry!

Question:  What do brides most often wear on their heads?  Um..a veil?  Survey says...CORRECT!

Question:  Name one variety of veil.  Um.....hmm....I know this one...eh...A long one?  ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (That was the sound of the buzzer and the Family Feud Bridal Version bouncers escorting me off stage.)

There are so many types of veils out there!  Where to start?  What will look good with my dress?  What will look good with my hair?  Oh me oh my...

Today we are featuring some handy dandy definitions and pictures that can serve as a guide for us when we go veil shopping...I've listed them below with an example picture in order from shortest to longest:

Birdcage veils generally feature a small piece of tulle or netting that covers part or the whole face.  

Pouf: A gathered piece of tulle or netting that fastens to a headband, comb or headpiece to create height for the veil.

Flyaway: A multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders; less formal than other veil styles. A good choice for brides wishing to emphasize the back details of their gown. Appropriate for an ankle length gown. May be up to 18" in length.

Blusher: A short, single layer of veiling worn over the face before the ceremony and lifted back over the head at some point during the ceremony.

Elbow: The elbow length veil is most appropriate in an informal setting. May be used in combination with longer layers to create the blusher or face veil. May be up to 25" in length.

Fountain: A veil gathered at the crown of the head and cascading over the shoulders to form a "fountain" shape. Usually shoulder or elbow length.

Fingertip: A long veil that reaches the fingertips when arms are relaxed. The fingertip veil may be up to 45" in length.

Ballet or Waltz veils feature a length that falls somewhere between the knee and the ankle.

Mantilla: Traditionally, the mantilla is a circular piece of tulle or lace with lace edges draped over a comb. An alternative to more traditional and formal veils, the mantilla is appropriate for formal and semi-formal weddings. May be any length in between elbow and ballet.

Chapel: A formal veil that extends to the floor and may be up to 108" long. Appropriate to wear with a formal gown with a chapel or sweep train. May have multiple layers or a blusher veil.

Cathedral: The cathedral train is the most formal veil style and may also be referred to as a "royal veil." May have multiple layers or a blusher veil. Most appropriately worn with a cathedral train in a very formal setting.

What veil style is your favorite?  How did you decide that it was the one for you?  Did it match your dress?  Did you love it so much that you made your dress to match your veil?  Tell us all about it on the message board!


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