Picture Recap of the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 30. April 2013 04:42

What a sale!  This past Saturday we held our 5th Bride and Groom Garage Sale, and it was a success!  The sale was so well shopped that after about 45 minutes, most of the sellers' tables were empty or extremely picked over!  It was similar to a flash Black Friday sale.  We had lots of shoppers who left happy with arms loaded with wedding supplies and sellers who left happy with pockets filled with cash!  

We were able to donate about $1600 to our charity, the Kelly McQuate Memorial Fund, so thank you to everyone who helped to pull this event together!

In particular, we'd like to thank the following groups or people:

Patty with the Golden Leaf Convention Center who generously donates the beautiful facility for this event!

The Grace Notes Flute Quartet who played beautiful background music for our sellers and shoppers.

Mark and his AMAZING volunteers from the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship who help us with advertising and doing anything and everything at the event!  

And of course, we'd like to than all of our local sellers and shoppers who help make this event a fun and worthwhile activity to do on a beautiful Saturday morning!


Take a look at some pictures that we snapped on Saturday by clicking on the photo below.


Click here to go to the album for the Spring 2013 Bride and Groom Garage Sale.

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Tomorrow is the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 26. April 2013 01:12

One last day!  Tomorrow is our big sale, and we have nearly sold out of space for sellers!  This is going to be a sale jam packed with good stuff for brides and grooms.  Remember, it's $5 to come and shop.  The sale is at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport which is next to Miller Time Billiards on Kimberly and Elmore.  The sale runs from 10am to 2pm.  Great deals all day long!

If you are still interested in being a seller, we can fit you in!  You can register by clicking here.  Be sure to notice that seller set up time is from 7am to 9am which is different than what we've done in the past.  We are doing this because we wanted to extend the sale hours.  It is FREE to be a seller, and you keep all the money you make selling your gently used or new wedding supplies!  

Again, you can contact Jenny at 563-343-1581 with any questions or to register over the phone!  

We are so excited and are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!  


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One Week Left Until the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 21. April 2013 08:20

We are so excited for next weekend that we can barely stand it!  Sellers and shoppers alike, get ready for a rootin' tootin' good time!  

We still have room for more sellers, so if you're interested in selling your gently used and/or new wedding supplies, contact us to reserve a table!  


Again, here are the details:

The Bride and Groom Garage Sale is on Saturday, April 27th at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport.  Sellers can come anytime between 7am and 9am to set up their tables.  The sale is open for shoppers from 10am until 2pm.  

It is free to have a table to sell, and QCWeddings.com does not take any of your earnings.  All the money you make is yours to keep!  Register to be a seller by clicking here.

To shop the sale, it is $5 a person (kids are free).  All our proceeds go to the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship which benefits local graduating seniors who have lost one or both parents.  A great cause!  


Some things to keep in mind -


  • As a seller, you'll want to bring some cash to make change for shoppers.  There is an ATM on site, but QCWeddings.com will not have change to make.  A few dollar bills, fives, and tens, plus some loose change should be enough to get you started.
  • As a shopper, you'll also want to bring some cash ahead of time.  Again, there is an ATM on site in the bowling alley side of the building.  
  • The sellers' tables will be open and ready for shopping until 2pm.  
  • The largest crowd is at the beginning of the sale, but there is a steady flow of shoppers throughout the sale.
  • Shoppers tend to come early to line up, but no shoppers will be entering the sale area until 10am.
  • If you are planning on trying on dresses, please make sure that you are careful with garments and leave all food and drinks outside of the dressing area.
  • Volunteers and QCWeddings.com staff members are on hand at all times to help out, so come and let us know if you need anything while at the sale!


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Two Weeks Until the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 13. April 2013 16:48

Has everyone marked their calendars for Saturday, April 27th?  If not, you need to do so, pronto!  That is the day for the 5th Bi-Annual Bride and Groom Garage Sale, and we are super excited!  At this point we have tons of sellers (but are still accepting seller registration on QCWeddings.com), and we've had so many questions asked of us about what will be sold at the sale and when should people come.  

A few thinks to take note of if you've been to one of our sales before - The times have changed.  The seller set up time is from 7-9am, and the sale runs from 10-2.  These extended hours will hopefully allow more people to come.  In the past, we only had the sale open from 12-2, and the feedback that we received was that both sellers and shoppers wanted more time.  You asked for it, and you got it!  The Golden Leaf staff is totally flexible and has given us full run of the place from early in the morning until the end of our event.

One question that frequently comes to us from shoppers is what can we expect to see at the sale.  My answer is always, "Everything!"  Each sale we see more and more.  Sellers will come with ready made weddings to purchase from them because they have their entire set of centerpieces, china, jewelry, dresses, etc.  There are always amazing trend setters who are ready to sell their wedding supplies, and there are always classic wedding supplies that anyone and everyone who is getting married can use.

Again, sellers - The table to sell is FREE.  Visit QCWeddings.com to find more details and to register as a seller.  It's so super easy with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Seller set up again is from 7-9 on the day of the sale.  

Want to shop?  The sale runs from 10-2.  It is $5 a person to enter, and kids are free.  Shoppers might want to bring some of their own bags and/or an entourage to help them carry stuff!  We have seen people come in "just looking" and end up having to call a family member with a truck because they are taking home so much stuff for their wedding!  That could be you!  

Remember that all proceeds go directly to the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship which benefits a local graduating student who has lost one or more parents.  A great cause and a great event!  This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, so please come and shop!  

Be sure to pass the word on to any friends who are getting married as well.  You can also let anyone who has gotten married recently that we are still accepting seller registration, so it's not too late to reserve a table!  Any questions can be directed to me.  You can email me at jenny@qcweddings.com or call me at 563.343.1581.  We are so looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!!

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The Next Bride and Groom Garage Sale is Coming Up Next Month!

by Jenny Bryde 19. March 2013 01:21


We are going to need to go ahead and toot our own horns here in saying that our favorite wedding related event is quickly approaching on the calendar - the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!  This event is near and dear to our hearts at QCWeddings.com, and it has grown from it's infancy and is now a huge event hosted by us to raise money for our favorite local charity twice a year!  

The history - We are on our fifth round of our sale.  At our first sale two and a half years ago, we had a dozen tables of sellers.  Our sale was small, but we knew it would grow especially with the great feedback from both sellers and shoppers, so we kept at it.  Each time we've had the sale, it has grown to the point where last time we had to turn sellers away from the sale!  We try to pack as many people as possible into the Golden Leaf Convention Center which is huge.  The last time we had around 60 tables!  Wow!  

If you're familiar with the sale, then go ahead and mark your calendars for April 27th.  If you're not familiar with what the sale is all about, let me explain.

Couples who get married accumulate a lot of...stuff.  Decorations, supplies, fabric, garments, paper.  STUFF.  Once the wedding is done, there is no real use for this STUFF.  A lot of times the STUFF gets stored in a closet or basement or sold piecemeal at a garage sale.  

Couples who are engaged are looking for a lot of...stuff.  Decorations, supplies, fabric, garments, paper.  STUFF.  Until the wedding is done, they have a big need for this STUFF.  A lot of times the STUFF is expensive and can eat a major chunk out of a wedding budget.

So the Bride and Groom Garage Sale tries to help both people - the married and the engaged - by providing a place to exchange the STUFF.  At our sale, those who have been married can come and sell their wedding related stuff to those who come to shop our sale.  With all the sellers who come, we have wedding supplies for every wedding theme and taste.  Anything and everything is sold from china to fabric to paper to centerpieces, and everything inbetween.  We also have sellers come and sell wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and so on.  

Sellers are happy that they've unloaded their stuff and made some money, while shoppers are happy that they've found the perfect stuff for their wedding while saving money.  QCWeddings.com is happy because everyone is happy.  

So anyone who is engaged, has a family member who is engaged, or know someone who is engaged should plan on coming to this sale.  It is $5 a person to come in and shop the sale, and all of our profits go to our chosen charity, the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship.  

Details of the day:

SELLERS - If you would like to become a seller, please register here.  Your first table is free, and if you'd like to have additional tables, it is $10 per table.  Seller set up is from 7-9am on April 27th.

SHOPPERS - If you would like to shop the sale, come any time from 10-2 on April 27th.  It is $5 a person to come in to the sale.  

In the meantime, if you have any questions about being a seller or a shopper, feel free to contact me!  jenny@qcweddings.com or 563-343-1581



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