First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Jenny Bryde 19. July 2015 14:39

Did you know that each anniversary has a certain material associated with it, and your gift to your spouse is supposed to incorporate the material some how?  Some years are skipped, but the major milestones are covered all the way up to 50 years being the year to give gold.  Check out this chart below to see all the traditional gifts.

First things first.  Let's get past the first year.  The gift for your first anniversary is supposed to incorporate paper.  Here are some great ideas to get you inspired:



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Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

by Jenny Bryde 17. March 2012 14:31

In the past, I've posted about the traditional anniversary gifts that are bestowed depending on which anniversary a couple is celebrating. I stumbled across this updated list which includes the usual suspects but also suggest some modern twists on gifts. I kinda like it! Check it out, and then below, check out my picks if I were to pick something from each of the "modern" categories...









Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest



Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest





Source: via Sarah on Pinterest






Okay, so I ran out of steam to pick presents after the first ten years.  Let's hope our marriage doesn't!  LOL

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