Buttons, Broaches, and Burlap - Flower Alternatives to Bouquets

by Jenny Bryde 3. September 2010 14:34

Who says you have to have real flowers?  While hunting around for fun ideas for bouquets, I ran across a huge amount of bouquet ideas out there that have little to nothing to do with fresh cut flowers.  Check out these fun ideas...

 Look at this guy filled to the gills with dazzling jewels!  It looks as though each broach may not have been anything spectacular, but together these broaches make quite a statement!


 I think the Little Mermaid would do well to hold this pretty bouquet of shells...or any bride having a seaside wedding...


 Look closely; it's not a feather duster, it's a bouquet!  Even though this bouquet does look a little like a cleaning device, I do think the right bride could pull it off!


 Don't worry about losing a button on your wedding day.  If your dress splits, you can just borrow one from your bouquet!


 Don't let the mixture of creamy whites and lovely textures fool you.  Those aren't real roses; they're made of linen!  Cool! 

So what do you think?  Could you pull off a bouquet made of something totally unexpected?  If we weren't so close to the wedding, I may have let myself fall in love with that linen bouquet...so pretty! 

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