Diagramming a Dress - Let's Leave it to the Professionals

by Jenny Bryde 22. December 2013 01:26

In a recent discussion with a bride who had just finished a marathon dress shopping day, she expressed concern over the pricing she had been quoted for alterations for her potential wedding dresses.  She couldn't believe that she would pay x amount of dollars above and beyond the price of her dress for the adjustments needed.  


Here are some of the concerns this bride had:

Shouldn't my dress fit my size that I always wear? - Not the case at all.  Each dress line is different just as each bride is different.  A size 10 jeans wearing person might find a wedding dress several sizes down or up from what she normally wears.  Don't be so concerned about the size on the tag as compared to the fit of a dress.  An experienced sales person in conjunction with a skilled seamstreess will be able to tell you which size dress will be the closest fit that will need the fewest amount of alterations.

Shouldn't they measure and size me for a dress that will fit? - Another reason why a skillful seamstress will be an invaluable asset in your journey for the perfect dress.  Not only will they be able to find a dress that fits, they should also be able to stear you toward styles of dresses that will be most complimentary for your frame and size.  

Shouldn't the price of alterations be included in the price of the dress? - Alterations are no simple matter, and when done incorrectly, they can ruin a dress.  It is important to have a good fit for your wedding dress since you want to look good and you want it to hold its shape throughout your wedding day.  Depending on what needs to be done, the price of your alterations will vary greatly.  If all you need is one small adjustment, then your alterations bill will be lower.  Some brides' choices in their dresses may require massive overhauls including changing of the inner structures, adding fabric, taking away fabric, adding embellishments for personalization, etc.  It all just depends, and that is why the alterations are charged seperately from the flat fee shown on the dress price tag.  


Here's a chart showing the different measurements a seamstress will have to take into consideration:


Depending on your natural body shape, your seamstress and salesperson will help you make a great choice!


Another visual showing what's happening inside your seamstress' mind as she works:




The price of alterations may come with a bit of a sticker shock, but they need to be budgeted into your dress expenses.  Rather than relying on a friend or family member (unless they are experienced!) or just hoping that the dress will look good off the rack, I highly suggest that you find a vetted seamstress to make that dress fit like a glove!



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