Unique Aisle Runners for Every Bride and Every Budget

by Jenny Bryde 10. February 2013 01:11

Many brides and grooms opt to incorporate an aisle runner into their wedding ceremony decor.  Often it's simply a decoration, and sometimes they are used out of necessity because the bride would otherwise be walking on a path that might leave their gown dingy.  There are so many ways to jazz up this walkway to your wedding, and lately I've noticed many brides and grooms totally thinking outside of the box on the aisle runner choice.  Check out these unique ideas to spruce up your aisle.

A trail of patterned rugs adds to the very rustic bohemian charm of this ceremony.


Some bold art deco fabric leads this bride to the alter. - Photography by Katie Neal


A patchwork of beautiful fabric swatches work together to create this aisle runner. - Photography by Ever Whim 


Not just for kids parties; these streamers would be a super fun and super cheap aisle runner!


A favorite song, poem, or message to your bride or groom can make a very personalized aisle runner. - Photography by Lizette Lotter


Reclaimed wood laid out in a pattern create this unique aisle runner.  


So whether it's wood, fabric, or construction paper, you can go beyond expensive designer aisle runners.  How can you match your aisle runner to the decor theme of your wedding?  


Decor | Jenny Bryde

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