Pantone Fall Color Palettes

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2015 01:31

Every year, the Pantone color company comes out with colors of the year.  They even pick wedding colors for various seasons.  This year, they have selected a romantic collection of hues that can be blended and mixed to make a fabulous wedding color palette.  Check them out below, and then see how various inspiration boards have taken one or more of the hues to be inspired!


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Engagement Ring Trends 2015

by Jenny Bryde 7. June 2015 16:50

What in the world is going on on our left ring fingers?  The classic solitaire reigns as the go-to favorite of the ring shoppers of the world, but in 2015, ring selection has become a little more varied and a lot more fun!  Check out some of these fun ring trends of 2015.  

How about these wildly fun bands?  Nothing boring here.  Stackable or individually worn, they are all very stylish.

Who says you have to party solo?  In this setting, a larger diamond is surrounded by other smaller stones.

A stone for every color.  Don't be afraid to experiment with colors outside of the norms!

Diamonds that go all the way around!  Love it!

I saved my favorite ring find for last but not least.  This beautiful yellow stone-studded ring is such a lovely spin on an old favorite design.  Beautiful! 

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The Bride and Groom Garage Sale is on Saturday!!

by Jenny Bryde 6. April 2015 00:58

We are only five days away from our biggest Bride and Groom Garage Sale Ever!  If you haven't already heard about it, here are the details:

The sale is all things wedding sold by people who have recently gotten married and need to get rid of all their supplies.  The sale will be from 10-noon at on Saturday, April 11th at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport.  The admission cost is $5 per person, and kids are free.  There are over 50 tables of sellers who are bringing everything under the sun to sell!  Dresses, decorations, candles, fabric, flowers, vases, centerpieces, jewelry, arches, backdrops, china, and more!!  This sale is so much fun and a mega way to save some cash!  Come and find new and gently used items and custom decorations at a giant discount!  

Be sure to stop by the ATM on the way to the sale these will be cash transactions.  We hope to see you there!  Doors open at 10.  

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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

Top Wedding Songs for Spring 2015

by Jenny Bryde 14. March 2015 16:49

Ask fifty people what their favorite songs are, and youll get fifty different responses.  The varied taste also applies toward wedding songs.  Check out these top pick lists for 2015 from a variety of sources.  Making a playlist can be daunting, so hopefully these sources will get your started (and your feet tapping!).



Most Popular Dance Songs

Top 100 Songs for a Reception

Top First Dance Songs

Modern Wedding Song Cover Classics





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This Sale is Going to be Huge

by Jenny Bryde 2. March 2015 00:43

We are approaching a level of giddyness for this year's Bride and Groom Garage Sale.  We have always advertised by word of mouth, and our attendance has grown each time we've had the sale - both in number of sellers and number of attendees.  This year is gearing up to be an epic sale!  We are more than a month away, and at this point we have maxed out our number of available tables and are only accepting sellers on a waiting list.  Whoa!  That means we have 55 tables of sellers who will fill the Golden Leaf Convention Center from wall to wall!  This sale is going to be amazing!  

When registering, each seller has to describe what they will be selling, and we are going to have a huge variety of items available!  Dresses, linens, china, stationery, jewelry, vases, silk flowers, baskets, alters, and more!  Oh my!

If you are still hoping to be a seller, you can still register for the waiting list.  As we approach the sale, I will be in contact with all registered sellers.  If anyone backs out, we will open the table up to the next person in line.  

For those of you hearing of our sale for the first time and wondering what all the hullabaloo is about, let me sum it up in a nutshell:  Our sale makes it possible for married couples to sell their gently used and new wedding items in a garage sale style only on a massive scale.  We fill the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport (next to Miller Time Billiards), and those who are getting married can come in and shop the sale to find amazing deals on beautiful items.  Everyone walks away satisfied!  It's such a fun event!

Details:  The sale is on Saturday, April 11th from 10-noon at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport.  The cost to shop the sale is $5 per person, and kids are free.  You are welcome to be in line before the sale, but the doors won't open until 10am.  There is an ATM on site if needed, and most sellers will be accepting cash only.  We encourage you to bring your own bags, boxes, or other means of carrying out your finds.  We've even had people bring wagons before!  

This event is a lot of fun for your family, fiance, or wedding party!  Come and shop our sale which wraps up in time for everyone to go get a nice lunch and enjoy the rest of their Saturday!  

We hope to see you there!  Please contact me if you have any questions about the sale -

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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

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