Just Three Weeks Until the 3rd Semi-Annual Bride and Groom Garage Sale!!

by Jenny Bryde 1. April 2012 05:19

It's been six months already! It's time again for our Bride and Groom Garage Sale!! We love, love, LOVE this event, and we feel pretty confident that anyone involved with it loves, loves, LOVES it as well! If you've attended the sale before, you know that it's a worthwhile adventure, and if you've never been, well, you're in for a real treat!

The problem was that we have so many married couples (and families of said married couples) who end up housing a warehouse full of left over wedding items after the big day is over. Do you or someone you know have thirty sets of centerpieces, bolts of leftover fabric, now-useless dresses? There are a thousand items bought for a wedding that end up sitting in storage after because they aren't trash but they have lost their usefulness.

The other part of the problem is that in this day and age, almost everyone getting married has to watch their budget so that their wedding doesn't end up costing them an arm and a leg that they can't afford to give up! If there was a way to save money on say, decor, or other wedding-esque items, maybe there'd be more room in the budget for a dream photographer or location or menu.

THE SOLUTION: The Bride and Groom Garage Sale! We set up an area, invite people to come and sell their "left overs" to engaged couples who are ready to spend some money on a good deal. The result? Married couples do some serious spring cleaning, make some money back, and help a good cause. Engaged couples do some serious wedding shopping, save some money, and help a good cause as well!

We repeat this event every six months (this is our third time doing it!), and each time we have selected a different local charity to sponsor. This time we have selected the Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship Fund. I was unfamiliar with this charity until Jami told me all about it: Kelly McQuate passed away in an accident a few days after her wedding. To honor her memory, her new husband established this scholarship fund to help children who have lost one or both parents to attend college. What a seriously amazing way to tribute someone you love!

Interested in attending? Here's how this works...

For sellers - It is FREE to have a table..or two tables...or ten tables. We just ask that you register ahead of time on our site just so that we can make sure we have enough tables set up for you. You can find out all the details about being a seller and register for your tables here. We also accept walk-ins on the day of, but priority goes to those who register ahead of time.

For shoppers - It is $5 a person to come and shop the sale. The sale runs from (CORRECTION) 12-2. We recommend bringing a reusable shopping bag or two because you'll never know what you might find! All proceeds from the event go to our charity, so make this an event! Bring your entire wedding party, your momma, your grandma, your co-workers...everybody! The more the merrier!

Our goal each time is to raise more money and awareness for our charities. Seriously folks, this event is just one of those things to do that helps everyone involved. So, help us out by spreading the word around! Word of mouth is the best advertising!

Here's the official flyer for the event:


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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

A Look Back at the 2012 Davenport Jaycees Bridal Expo!

by Jenny Bryde 17. February 2012 15:08
A few weeks ago on January 28th, QCWeddings.com along with many brides, grooms, family members, and wedding parties attended the 2012 Davenport Jaycees Bridal Expo! As always, our favorite parts of the show besides mingling with all you good people is to see the vibrant display of décor and entertainment that our wedding vendors provide. Keeping up with current wedding trends is just one of the perks of our job! Here’s a picture recap taken by Taylor Freymann.

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Bridal Show | Jenny Bryde

One Week Until the Davenport Jaycees Bridal Expo!

by Jenny Bryde 21. January 2012 15:11
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! One week away lies one of the most important wedding related events that you will attend other than your wedding! The Davenport Jaycee’s Annual Bridal Expo is happening next Saturday from 9-4pm at the Davenport River Center. So mark your calendar, shine your shoes, and grab your best mates as you get ready to attend.

If you’ve been to a wedding show before then prepare to be amazed at the sheer size of this one. If you’ve never been to a wedding show before then buckle your seatbelts because it’s time to jump in with both feet! At the show you will find wedding vendors of ever type who are all dying to be a part of your big day. Photographers, florists, bakers, planners, musicians, travel companies, and more will be there to provide information, answer questions, and best of all, have fabulous give aways and prizes throughout the day! For example, if you visit the Jaycee’s booth, they are giving away an awesome photography package from Luxe Photography for 8 hours of service! Drool-worthy prize! And that’s just one!

Here’s my most important insider’s tip – Be sure to visit the QCWeddings.com booth FIRST before you go to any other booths. Why? Because we’ll have free information labels for you to use as you enter all the contest and sign up for info throughout your tour of the show. I can tell you that with nearly 100 booths to see, your hand will nearly cramp up and fall off if you try to hand write your info over and over again. So stop by and see us. We’ll hook you up! After you visit us, go nuts! Slap those info labels down wherever you heart desires!

Tickets for the show are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. You can purchase tickets in advance at any Quad City Area Hy-Vee. Again, this wedding show is the one to see, and it’s such a blast! What makes it even better is when you bring your entourage along to help you juggle all the freebies and info packets that you’ll receive! It’s a great way to get the moms and sisters and bridesmaids together, so give them a call and make your plans to visit the show!

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Bridal Show | Jenny Bryde

A Hodgepodge of New Year Wedding Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 15. January 2012 15:18

As I was trying to compose my blog post today I realized that I was having a total case of ADD or ultra multi-tasking or multiple personality disorder. So many good ideas crossed my path that I just decided that I needed to unlease them all on you at one time... I love ALL these ideas and could not decide on one, so I thought that they may also be inspirational for one of our engaged couples. If you are getting married this year, you may want to consider one of the following ideas...


A cotton candy machine for your guests!


Haybales instead of chairs!


Directional signs!


Lace wrapped cupcakes!


Large scale paper flowers!


Mismatching bouquets!


Hand painted pennant banners!


Thumb print guest books!

Sigh.... I love all these ideas. They are so romantic and fresh! Try one today!

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Decor | Jenny Bryde

Hot Trends for 2012!

by Jenny Bryde 26. December 2011 10:53

It's that time of year again!  The calendar page is about to be turned, in fact, it may be time to throw out the entire calendar in lieu for a fresh start and a brand new season of weddings to revel!  After hunting around for a bit, I was able to find a whole slew of predictions for hot trends in 2012 weddings.  Check these out and consider them for your own nuptuals! 


Starting off, we have Victorian style wedding dresses.  While your version may be a bit more modern, you may consider a gown that has the sweeping panels and corset like top jacket.

Specialty Stations - How fun would your guests have watching hand rolled cigars made and passed out?  Wine-tasting stations?  Ice cream sundae bars?  Fortune tellers?  Let your imagination run with this one!

 Groom's Cake - This desert is making a big come back with additional confectionery giants adoring the table.  The Groom's cake could be themed or simply a different flavor from the traditional wedding cake.

 Fancy Hats - Thanks to the royal weddings this year, hats are huge, huge, huge!  Whether you're the bride or a guest, the hat is the big accessory to pump up!

 Illusion Necklines - Also thanks to the big royal wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, illusion necklines are bag with a vengeance.  They don't all have to be in the style of Princess Grace of Monoco, though.  You could do something fabulous and unexpected like this asymetrical neckline!

 Colors - As far as colors go, pink and yellow are red hot!  Whether they are demure pastels or vibrant neons, a pop of color in these shades will make sure that your guests have a feast for the eyes! 

 Reception Dress - Wedding gowns while beautiful can really be heavy!  Lots of brides are opting for a seperate reception dress so they can do a freshening wardrobe change midway through the wedding day or as a getaway outfit at the end of the day.  (I did this, and I was so happy to be in a more comfortable dress at the end of the evening!)

 Themed Weddings - While it's perfectly acceptable to have non-themed details, it is fun to create an atmosphere and storyline for your guests to experience.  Look at this inspiration board for a vintage-royalty themed wedding!  Fun! 

What hot trends have you heard about?  Which ones are you considering for your big day?? 

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Jenny Bryde | trends

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