Icy Decor

by Jenny Bryde 28. December 2015 02:34

Feeling a little homebound today?  Not suprising with the icy conditions of our roads this morning.  Let's make lemonade out of lemons or snowangels of out snowbanks...or something like that.  Check out these amazingly beautiful icy wedding pictures.  Enjoy!


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Merriment Under the Mistletoe!

by Jenny Bryde 21. December 2015 01:14

With Christmas and New Year's approaching, one little tradition has caught my eye and my curiosity.  I came across some adorable pictures of couples smooching under the mistletoe, and I think it makes a great pose for lots of photo ops: engagements, wedding, holiday, etc.  

I dug into this tradition a bit a History.com and undercovered some background on this pucker plant.  From what I gather from the article on History.com, mistletoe has long been associated with vitality and fertility.  Also, the tradition of kissing underneigh apparently stemmed from European servants when men were encouraged to steal a kiss from any woman caught standing under the mistletoe.  Refusing the kiss was considered bad luck.  This tradition makes me laugh as I feel many men caught trying to steal a kiss today might receive a punch in the nose...unless the woman was purposefully standing waiting for him.  

In the pictures below, the couples are certainly concentual!  Happy kissing, everyone!



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Winter Wonderland Wedding Inspiration Boards

by Jenny Bryde 21. December 2015 01:00

Not everything in this next set of days has to be about holidays.  Okay, that was silly.  Of course this week is about the holidays, and what better reason to celebrate than a festive wedding?  Whether you love a red, white, green, and gold palette or something entirely different, there are a lot of ways to style a wedding around a holiday season.  Bonus: you can score major discounts on after season Christmas items!  Check out some awesome winter wedding inspiration boards below!  They are really getting us into the holiday spirit!


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Refreshing Ring Shots

by Jenny Bryde 13. December 2015 19:18

No need to be boring when it comes to your jewelry photography!  Everyone has seen the pretty flowers and the beautiful bokah, but check out these fun shots!  Try something new, why don'tcha?



Matchy Matchy Kids and Couples

by Jenny Bryde 13. December 2015 19:12

Sometimes a little matchy matchy goes a long way, but in the case of matching flower girls and ring bearers, we can look the other way.  Or rather we just can't stop staring at the cuteness!  Check out these matching mini brides and grooms.

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