Wedding China Picks!

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2015 01:04

As you're completing your registry, you may be in the now-common debate over whether or not to add wedding china to your list.  Sliiiiightly impractical (unless you host a myriad of dinner parties), but oh so beautiful, wedding china sets are a favorite gift.  You definitely don't have to be boring here.  There's a pattern for every taste and color.  Here are a few of my favorite finds this week:


Aegean White by L'Objet

Balcons de Guadalquivir by Hermes


Dogwood by Lenox


June Lane by Kate Spade


Pashmina by Wedgwood

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Baby Got Bustle!

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2015 00:36


Who knew that throughout time there's been an affinity for large derrieres?  The love of a large booty spans back centuries in the form of the bustle which is often a part of today's wedding dresses.  

You have a beautiful dress that trails delicately down the aisle as you prepare to say your vows, but when you want to get your dance on at the reception, something needs to be done with that monster.  

Through a complex series of ties, buttons, hooks, and loops (and a willing participant to be your bustle buddy), you'll be able to pin up the back of your dress so that it doesn't get trashed.  Below are a few great resources for bustle how to's.  I suggest that those who have a bustle print off or book mark a set of directions and have them handy in their wedding tool kits ready to go for when it's time to get the party started!

Click here for some great how to articles.

Click here for some great how to videos.

If you're confused on which type of bustle you have, ask your bridal salon or seamstress.  They can give you a push in the right direction!






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Bridal Make Up: The Natural Look

by Jenny Bryde 18. August 2015 01:08

You should look like YOU on your wedding day, right?  While some brides like to go for a heavily made up look, many brides are now reaching for that natural look.  That "I wake up looking this good" look.  Check out these natural bridal make up faces:


Bridal Makeup with a Focus on Eyes

by Jenny Bryde 18. August 2015 01:03

Next in our lineup of bridal make up styles is a look that puts your eyes in the spotlight.  An eye drawn with a clean eyeliner line will pop!  Your eyes will look fantastic from a distance and up close in personal.  Check out some great "clean" eyelinered eyes:


Smokey Eyes Bridal Makeup

by Jenny Bryde 11. August 2015 01:16

There are all kinds of ways to do bridal makeup: natural, bold lips, smokey eyes, etc.  I love featuring a series of pic showing one style or another as it really helps to see how different looks appear on different faces.  Today I'm featuring some lovely smokey eyes.  Some have a more natural hue of eye shaddow while others are very bold and colorful.  What do you think of the smokey eye look?




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