Seven Surefire Photography Poses

by Jenny Bryde 22. March 2015 16:34

Somewhere between the cliched and the copycats are a league of photography poses where people look natural.  Calm, crazy, romantic, and heartfelt, good photography poses can make a memory last a lifetime.  While the heart made with two hands was cute for a while, we are now in desperate need of some new poses.  How about these?  


I love how the people in this picture are not lined up in a uniform row but look more naturally dispersed.  

The blurred line of groomsmen is really cool!  You could also stage this after the wedding with other groups of family and friends.  

Fun and romantic!  So much better than the shoulder to shoulder poses.

Definitely staged, but charming nonetheless.

I like how the photographer is back over the hill on this one.  It almost looks like the couple is in their own little world.

Sassy and cute!  I love the feel of this pic!

Totally unique!  I love this!  I imagine the photographer said, "And ready, set, go!"

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Nine Steps to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 15. March 2015 16:07

Hopefully, you are reading this article months before and not moments before your wedding.  Having beautiful skin is a key to being photog ready, but it is something not all of us are blessed with.  The good news is that with a little routine and mindfulness, you can have dramatic improvements in your skin tone and quality.  Here's how:


1) Wash your face at night.  Get the daily grime off so that your skin can rest and repair while you slumber. A freshly washed face will also help keep the oils off of your pillow which could cause additional acne and irritation.

2) Use a gentle cleanser and possibly a toner to remove all traces of dirt and make-up from your skin. 

3) Use and intensive moisturizer at night time and a lighter one for during the day.  Don't forget the SPF!

4) Gently exfoliate when needed.  About once a week should do the trick to remove dead skin cells. 

5) Leave your face alone!  Do not pick or pop pimples as this can make them worse!

6) See a dermatologist if what you're doing at home isn't working well enough.  He or she may be able to give you a prescription to something stronger than what you would find at the drug store. 

7) Stay hydrated!  Drink plenty of water so that your body is able to flush out toxins.  

8) Eat a healthy diet that is low in sodium.  Salty foods cause your body to hang on to water causing your skin to be puffy and look irritated.

9) Take a daily vitamin to be sure that you're receiving all the nutrients your skin needs.



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Preparing for Your Rehearsal

by Jenny Bryde 15. March 2015 15:43

The plans are planned, purchases purchased, and engagements engaged.  Now it's the day before your wedding, and it's time to rehearse.  The who, what, where, when, why, and how that have been swimming around in your brain and dancing in your dreams are about to become a reality.  It would probably make you and everyone else a little easier on the day of if you run through the show once or twice beforehand.  Here are some things to keep in mind when planning for your rehearsal.

Who - Who is in your processional?  Recessional?  Who is standing?  Who is sitting?  Reading?  Singing?  Make a list of all these people because they will all want a little direction from you. 

What - What events are a part of your wedding?  Prayer?  Readings?  Personalized vows?  A joke telling officiant?

Where - Where should everyone stand?  Are the bridesmaids all one one side opposite the groomsmen?  Where are the parents and grandparents?  Where do people start?  Stop? 

When - How long should the next couple/person pause before coming down the aisle?  What should people be doing at certain time points of the ceremony?  When should the best man produce the rings?  When should the maid of honor produce the bouquet?  

Why - This is probably the most important question.  As you run through the rehearsal in your head and then in real life, if something seems odd, ask yourself why it's a part of the ceremony?  Or why it's occuring at a certain time, in a certain place, or in a certain order.  Could it be tweaked or moved or eliminated or swapped?  Going through your rehearsal a few times before the big day will give you a chance to see your plan in action with a critical eye before your entire flock of friends and family see it as well.  


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Top Wedding Songs for Spring 2015

by Jenny Bryde 14. March 2015 16:49

Ask fifty people what their favorite songs are, and youll get fifty different responses.  The varied taste also applies toward wedding songs.  Check out these top pick lists for 2015 from a variety of sources.  Making a playlist can be daunting, so hopefully these sources will get your started (and your feet tapping!).



Most Popular Dance Songs

Top 100 Songs for a Reception

Top First Dance Songs

Modern Wedding Song Cover Classics





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Veils to Vie For

by Jenny Bryde 14. March 2015 16:33

Accessories make the outfit, and for a bride, the veil is the ultimate accessory.  Almost excluslively acceptable for a bride, a veil has traditionally been part of a women's wedding ensemble for centuries.  I wanted to hunt around and find some really beatiful and varied veils for sale to show you the vast variety you have while selecting the perfect accessory!  


Bubble Veil - $149


Lace Edge Veil - $80

Eye Lash Cathedral Length Veil



Birdcage Veil Headband



Two Tier Satin Edge Veil


Elbow Length Veil with Crystals


French Birdcage Veil



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