Etiwhat? Good manners for the matrimony!

by Jenny Bryde 8. December 2014 01:25

Who, what, where, when, why, and how?  And will Aunt Tilly be offended?  Avoiding wedding faux pas can be a daunting task, so today I've collected a number of articles to point the frenzied affianced in the right direction.  Below you will find links to some major guides on how to be proper for your ceremony.  Then again, you may want to throw out the towel and say who cares?  But for those of you who definitely want to avoid Grandmother's severe scrutiny, please feel free to use the tips linked below!

Wedding ceremony basics

Ceremony etiquette 101

Escorting guests to proper seating

Top 24 wedding etiquette questions


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Calligraphy Class

by Jenny Bryde 24. November 2014 00:37

Ariel.  Times New Roman.  San Sarif.  The usual suspects in your font list.  What if we stretched our imaginations though and brought ourselves into the world of calligraphy where rules are thrown out the window and the end result is something beautiful and totally unique.  I'm talking about calligraphy.  The swirling flow of an ink pen or nib over lovely paper is just the classiest touch that can be added to your wedding stationery.  We've seen calligraphy on invitations, signage, menus, and more!  Some fonts out there can replicate calligraphy, but the best result is achieved by an actual calligrapher.  Let's take a look at some ideas to get your salivary glands flowing...



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Wedding Invitation Wording Woes

by Jenny Bryde 17. November 2014 01:21

I before E except after C.  Okay, I have that one.  When it comes to wedding invitations, however, the rules are a bit more complicated.  Everything from what title to where on the envelope has a rule, and trying to make sure your invitation will be up to snuff for Emily Post can be a little daunting.  Today I wanted to provide some links to the definitive guides for wedding invitation wording in hopes that they can guide you to perfect punctuation.  Along with that, I'm including some of my favorite invitation suites that I've stumbled upon recently.  Beautiful!!  Happy addressing...

Guide from Crane and Co.

Guide from Martha Stewart

Guide from Emily Post


From Ever After Papery

From Royal Style Weddings

From Suite Paper

From Mooseberry Paper Company

Another from Mooseberry Paper Company

From Paper N Peonies

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Polka Dots!

by Jenny Bryde 10. November 2014 01:25

Did you do a double take?  No, we don't have small pox, chicken pox, or any other dot inducing disease.  Today we just felt like it was the right time to do a big celebration for little polka dots.  A very cheerful and easily done design element, polka dots can come in any color and compliment any wedding.  What is more, polka dots can appear anywhere from your invitations to your garter!  Check out how these brides and grooms incorporated polka dots in their weddings!

Let's start with the bride's veil.  Polka dots make such a sweet detail!

This invitation suite incorporates clean and modern polka dots with a beautiful vintage floral scene!

Polka dot pumps!  How cute for the bride or bridesmaids!

Remember you don't have to have perfectly placed dots!  The randomness of the pattern on this dress is beautiful!


What a simple yet beautiful modern cake design!  

Polka dots make this bride feel fun and flirty as she sneaks in a little kiss with her groom!


Polka dots can appear in your decor as well such as in this tissue pom made from polka dotted paper!


Decor | Jenny Bryde

Is Big Hair Back?

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2014 08:43

When the phrase "big hair" is uttered, I'm immediately transported back to 1985.  Ah, the good old days where your status was as big as your hair was tall.  Where any girl with her trusty bottle of hairspray could rock some voluptuous volume on her head.  Me thinks that we may be seeing a come back of the big hair, and I'm totally loving it!  I love the idea of a tramatic eye paired with larger than life locks!  What do you think of these potential hairstyles for your big day?



hair | Jenny Bryde

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